Why I can not attend the Novus Ordo Misse

Why I can not attend the Novus Ordo Misse

Ad Orientem and Versus Populum both make sense
Which is the real Catholic mass? A mass focused on God or a service focused on each other?

By Traditional Catholic Crusader

Put quite simply, it is not a Catholic mass.  It took me years to realize this but the answer came banging on the door loud and clear.  Despite what people think it does not boil down to one’s personal likes and dislikes, it boils down to a matter of doctrine and faith.

The Novus Ordo Misse, or the thing that calls itself the ordinary form of the mass is far from ordinary.  It was designed under a panel led by then Father Annibale Bugnini, who was believed to have ties with free masonry.  That in itself should of thrown up red flags.


The direction of Paul VI was to make the Catholic mass attractive to protestants, in essence, De-Catholicise it and make it less offensive to Protestants.

To achieve this Bugnini enlisted the aid of 6 protestant ministers to de-construct the traditional mass.  The six ministers were; A. Raymond George (Methodist), Ronald Jaspar (Anglican), Massey Shepherd (Episcopalian), Friedrich Künneth (Lutheran), Eugene Brand (Lutheran),  Max Thurian (Calvinist-community of Taize).  At the end of the redesign Dr. Smith, one of the Lutheran representatives at this commission, later publicly boasted, “We have finished the work that Martin Luther began.”

For his involvement in the design of the new mass Father Stephen Somerville, STL wrote an open letter renouncing his services on the I.C.E.L.

Father Somerfill in an example states part was rewritten to reflect a heresy, “Help us to seek implies that we could do this alone (Pelagian heresy) but would like some aid from God”.  This is not the only heresy in this mass riddled by Heresy, Communion in the hand is actually an Arian Heresy The Arians believed that Jesus Christ was not God but was one of God’s creations.  Therefore they rejected Transubstantiation by refusing to receive Our Lord on the tong, in contempt they received it in the palm of their hand.

Image result for communion in the hand abuse
Image result for communion in the hand abuse If that is the divine presence then why is it treated so badly?

This is just another element of the wide spread disrespect for the divine presence in the Novus Ordo mass.  Laity now dispense the host among themselves pretty much indicating to them its just a piece of bread in the remembrance of Christs last supper.  Personally I am not sure that transubstantiation takes place if not performed in the Latin language, a language by the way the devil is said to despise.  If indeed it is consecrated at the Novus Ordo then small partials of the divine presence is cast everywhere as so called extra ordinary ministers of the Eucharist pass out the host like vendors in the ball park.

Until about 3 years ago I always felt it was a sin to not attend a Novus Ordo mass on Sunday if I couldn’t get to my Latin mass location.  I struggled with that for a long time but as soon as I came grips with the fact I was not actually attending mass anyway by going there it all made sense.  I think even then the holy spirit was working in me by instilling the strong urge to leave the Novus Ordo mass as soon as I got there.

Now if I can not attend the Tridentine in person then I attend via live stream by the FSSP out of various cities around the world.  Don’t forget, we have an online parish here on Tridentine Catholic.

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