What the Hell!

According to Pope Jackass I there is no hell.  John Buchanon, a faithful Catholic quickly responded with, “If there is no hell then what did Christ die for?”.  I think that’s the question on all our minds.

For those of us who believe in our faith and choose to defend our faith we have a harder and harder time each time crazy Frank opens his mouth and puts his foot in.  Our “born again” protestant friends, who don’t have a clue about Catholicism but it does not stop them from hating Catholics and condemning the Catholic Faith are having a Parana type feeding frenzy on this.  It is hopelessly impossible to defend this Pope, unfortunately he is taking the whole Church down with him.  If there is any backbone left in the Catholic clergy this man must be stopped and stopped soon.

Catholics as well who are on the fringe or cafeteria Catholics might be abandoning ship because of this horribly incompetent pope.  Francis does not espouse Catholicism, real Catholicism, so where do the lukewarm Catholics go to fill the void?   Answer; Elsewhere.  They are easy prey to other religions, protestant, Hindu, Jewish, mulsim, what ever,  who no doubt are polishing their scripts now.  “How can you stay in a church with a man like that running it?”  they will say.  ” Here, come and join us”.  These lapsed Catholics fed the watered down faith of Vatican II, don’t understand that as St. Thomas Aquainus said , “its not only a Catholics duty to resist a bad pope but to openly fight his errors”.   This church is not about men but dogma, Catholic dogma.  They are too weak with watered down Catholicism to take the path of stand and fight.  Jorge Bergoglio using modernist and socialist logic has just sent the concept of hell the same way as Kodachrome film and 8 tracks, and with it further damages the church.

Of course we can trace this never ending destruction back to Pope John XXIII and the start of the anti popes and the birth of the “New Church”, that has emptied seminary’s and convents, closed thousands of Catholic schools and hundreds of churches. Archbishop Lefebvre rose to that crises by establishing the SSPX that defended the faith thru traditional Catholicism and all its richness.  The result was a vibrant and growing religious community.  Unfortunately his legacy is in great danger thanks to the society’s current leader, Bishop Fellay.   Where are the Marcel Lefebvre’s of the 21st century?   As Loyal traditional Catholics we are moving into the catacombs once again.  Keep the faith, defend the faith, and pray for the conversion of Jorge Bergoglio by the Holy Ghost.  Also pray that it be soon!

Mat Matt and the gang at the Remnant came out with their own view on our idiot pope that can be seen below.

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