The Dictator Pope part 4

Still working my way thru the Reform ?  What Reform?  chapter.  They are now touching on the sexual abuse by clergy.

While John Paul 2 first recognized the problem and began to attack it, it was Benedict that took on the problem full force.  Shortly  before his resignation Benedict was removing 2 or 3 bishops around the world per month for sexual abuses.  Benedict had also defrocked or suspended more than 800 priests for past sexual abuse between 2009 – 2012.  This included Fr. Marcial Maciel, the influential founder of the Legionaries of Christ.  Maciel died in 2008 when it came out that the Legion founder had led a double life for decades;addicted to morphine, sexually abusing boys and young men, keeping three mistresses in two countries and fathering six children by them, all sheltered by the order’s cult-like devotion to the founder supported by money  donated to the Legion for works of religion.  This even makes me wonder more did Benedict actually step down  on his own accord or was he forced out for exposing the filth and rot in the Vatican itself.

Francis on the other hand seems to turn a blind eye to this.  The theory is that by association with and employing morally weak people he had them forever under his thumb.  In 2012 the Vatileaks revealed a homosexual network actually working out of the Roman Curia.  Just as with the American press forever watching the back of Barack Obama so too the Vatican press protected Francis back.   According to Colonna:

“But even then the homosexual lobby had made enormous strides in image management.  The secular media collaborated, pinning the blame on sinister and creepy “clergy  paedophiles”, as distinguished from fresh scrubbed and morally acceptable homosexual priests while ignoring that the homosexual lobby favored lowering the legal age of consent to fourteen, the age preferred by homosexual clergy abusers.  These larger ccultural shifts, and the reality inside the Vatican, perhaps explain why Pope Benedicts reforms, which included a ban on men with homosexual tendencies from the priesthood have availed to little, even before they were subverted by his successor. “(Francis)

On this last Point I remember hearing of certain seminaries in the United States and Canada where if you were a straight male you were not accepted as a candidate to the priesthood.

Colonna asserts that the homosexual lobby in the church was only given more power thru the pontificate of Francis.

“Pope Francis’s liberalism has only given more power to the homosexual lobby in the Curia.  He supported for example Archbishop Bruno Forte’s attempt to insert a relaxation of Catholic teaching on homosexuality into the report of the 2014 Synod of the Family (his insertion was rejected).  Perhaps an even more scandalous case is that of the notorious liberal (especially on matters regarding Homosexuality) Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who, incredibly, is president of the Pontifical Council for the Family and whom Pope Francis has recently made president of the John Paul II institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, the body which John Paul intended as a watchdog of the Church’s teaching.  One of Archbishop Paglia’s claims to fame is his commissioning of a prominent Argentinian homosexual artist to create a mural in his cathedral church that has been described as “homoerotic” and includes the archbishop himself in a net of nude or semi-nude bodies”

The most revealing of Pope Francis stand on this issue was his statement during an airline interview. “Who am I to judge”.  That was made in response to sexual accusations against Monsignor Ricca.   Francis has also changed the punishments of priests accused of sexual abuse to “a life of prayer”, meaning a token punishment at best.

Again, if Homosexuals will get Francis the power he wants then Francis will use them.  Remember, Francis prefers to employ the morally week because they will forever be under his thumb.

Reading this books makes me a stronger Catholic as well.  It educates me and makes me realize the Catholic faith is more than individuals.  When it seems our own presbyters fail us, then as laymen we need to step up and defend mother church.



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