Reading the Dictator Pope Part 3

Last night I read about all the hoopla of Francis the reformer something the leftists in the church were pinning their hopes on.  Turns out so far it was not to be.   It wasn’t as much an unwillingness of Bergoglio it was more of incompetence.  What ever changes to the curia he did employ they were minor and insignificant at best such as the removal of Cardinal Burke from the Curia or as Colonna puts it,

“Pope Francis thus delegated  the process of reform to the C9 (his appointment of 9 Cardinals to oversee the reform, this council had many meetings without coming to any significant decisions) but here too is a problem.  These nine cardinals are an extremely disparate group; they are not distinguished by great personal records as administrators, and for the most part they have little experience of the Curia……………………………..One aspect of this is that many of Pope Francis’ changes have been driven by ideology rather than efficiency for example, no one could say that the removal of Cardinal Burke as prefect of theApostolic Signatura was justified by any considerations of integrity or competence, but the phenomenon goes a good deal deeper, as we will see.

Another example of the incompetence of this C9 group put together by Francis was:

More recently Cardinal Rodriquez Maradiaga has proposed fusing the Vatican’s three tribunals-the Penitentiary, the Rota, and the Segnatura-into a single Dicastery of Justice.  But one of the functions of the Segnatura is to hear appeals from the Rota.  So either the reforming cardinals are ignorant of how the tribunals function or they do not care about creating a tribunal system from which there is no appeal (and both could be true).

The chapter first points out the unrecognizable Francis as opposed to the cardinal Bergoglio that Argentina was used to.  Bergoglio the book points out was a skilled politician and knew how to use the media much like the left in our own country.

The book also continues to point out the almost childlike immaturity of Bergoglios quest for attention and the facade he would put on to achieve that.  One example was from a Professor Lucrecia Rego de Planes who would attend meetings with the bishops in Argentina.  She said that all the bishops would drive up on time in their cars.

“Whereas Bergoglio would arrive late, in a flurry loudly explaining his vicissitudes on public transport.  Her reaction was “Phew! What an itch to attract attention!”

With Francis its all about attention and sympathy.  He is not the bumbling idiot we see in the news.  He is a skilled and ruthless politician and like Barack Obama knows how to manipulate and use the media for his own gains.  The “transformation” from Cardinal Bergoglio to Pope Francis was amazing and what a facade!  One of Bergoglio’s Argentinian flock would call his Cardinal Bergoglio, “carucha” or “grumpy-face”, yet when he saw Bergoglio take the chair of St. Peter he could not recognize the smiling, kindly pope.

And so it goes on, stay tuned for the next report!


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