Problems with RSS feeds on main website

I just noticed yesterday that Feedwind, the company I used to host my rss feeds had decided to insert adds in the feeds.  I am sure you all noticed.

I could understand a small tasteful add but what they inserted was hiddeous, not only did it take up half of the RSS screen but the adds were very distasteful.  As far as I am conserned ED drugs have NO place on a Catholic website.

I have found this simple no nonsense feed which does basically serve the purpose.  A couple good points, I can once again post Ann Barnhardt blog which did not work on the other feed.  Same with Pam Gellars blog.  Bad thing is we lost some good blogs such as the Oakie Traditionalist and it will not carry youtube feeds so Remnant video is no longer available however Michael Matt does post the videos in the Remnant feeds and that is top of the list.

I will continue to search for a new RSS feed similar to the one we had before they trashed it.  If anyone can find a free rss feed that you do not have to sign  up for, kindly pass it along.  Our email is on the front page of the website, upper right just under the revolving visitor globe.

Thanks for your patience.

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