Jorge Bergoglio starting to disappear from Catholic mainstream

In checking out my usual blogs this morning I read an interesting piece on the Mahound’s Paradise blog. In his piece he states that “Pope Francis Disappears from Ignatius Press Catalog”.  According to Mahaund there is a noticeable absence of mention of anything Francis.  Sure you can still buy his modernist crap if you look on their website but still nothing is featured, nothing is publicized.  Is this a sign that the main stream new Catholic church is finally waking up to the bogus pontificate of Francis.  I suppose bogus is not the correct word, I still recognize Bergoglio as pope but I simply will not listen or obey him.

Personally I do not patronize any Catholic book seller that feature anything Francis.  First thing I do is leaf thru the catalog and if I spot a book, picture, or any icon of Jorge Bergoglio the catalog goes into the trash and I never make any purchases from them.

There is more than just this episode.  Because of distance I am forced to attend confession in two or three Novus Ordo parishes.  Two years ago the narthex’s of these same churches were littered with card board cut outs, and posters of our pope Jackass I.  Now all you will find is the obligatory oil painting next to the current diocesan bishop.  A far cry from all the hoopla when this character was first installed as pope.

Even the last man standing in defense of this hapless pope, Michael Voris has done a complete U turn and has joined the ranks of the faithful who have simply had enough of this guy Bergoglio.

Michael, welcome to the world of the living!

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