Francis of Assisi, a new Biography by Father Augustine Thompson, O.P.

Book review: “Francis of Assisi: A New Biography” by ...

I am reading St. Francis of Assisi by Father Augustine Thompson, O.P. and this is an excellent book, exactly what I was looking for.

St. Francis has always been one of my favorite Saints since Childhood mainly because of his love of animals.  The book presents him to be a much more complex man than that but does a great job in explaining his relationship with nature and animals of which I found my self identifying with the saint even more.  Here are a couple pages from the book which explain Francis’s love of nature and animals.  Reading this last night brought a tear to my eye!

With this book by admiration of Francis grows even more.  His love of God and nature makes him a man I wish to imitate more and more.  This is a great book, a no nonsense, factual like of St. Francis of Assisi, both Francis the man and Francis the Saint.  I strongly suggest all Catholics, to add this book to their reading list especially during this Lent.

I also think Non Catholics will find something to take away with in this book as well.

You can get the book thru Amazon at this link

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