Elgin Illinois, soon to become “Elginistan”

Possible glimpse of the future, Elginites line up at the polls

On my morning rosary walk today the political yard signs are popping up like crazy.  Unfortunately not in a good way, my Kane county board, district 19 there is a candidate running named Mohammad Iqbal.  His yard signs call him “Mo” Iqbal.  I suppose that is in an attempt to distance himself from Islam.  His signs are popping up all over the district, that gives a good indication on just how many islamics are moving in the neighborhood.  To add insult to injury the liberal rag newspaper the Daily Herald has endorsed him.  This is the same newspaper that leaves no stone unturned in digging up whatever fake news they can about President Trump.  My neighbors are on vacation and I sent the newspaper this email:

Good morning,
I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your newspaper. My neighbors are on vacation and asked to bring in the mail and told me I can keep the newspapers since they would have to pay anyway even is stopped. I guess you guys must need the cash uh? But I want to tell you how much I enjoy the Daily Herald! No, I don’t read your sociallist pile of crap but I have 6 parakeets and it is FANTASTIC cage liner. Fortunately since the birds can’t read they are not offended by your yellow journalism.

I can only assume but based on where these signs cropped up I am sure ole “Mo” is sharia.  The houses that host his signs the women wear full burka’s.  Elgin has two mosques so its only a matter of time before the Islamics take full control of the city then eventually Kane county.  

Dick “Osama” Bin Durbin, Illinois state senator has been developing islamics as a new voting base for the Democrat party, his socialist partner in crime, Tammy Duckworth makes appearances at mosques wearing a hijab spouting white guilt.

Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth in a hijab touting white hate at a mosque in Illinois

So goes another day in the liberal black hole known as Illinois

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