Baby Alfie Evans and Doc Martin

Baby Alfie Evans, murdered by a group effort of the British court system and the British socialized medical profession.
Doc Martin the talented British Surgeon/GP










One of my favorite British television shows is the series Doc Martin.  I could, and have watched the same episodes dozens of times.  One thing you have to hand to the Brits, despite the fact they have entered into a post Christian/socialist society the BBC makes some great shows.

Watching an episode of Doc Martin last night it finally dawned on me that since these episodes were made around 2012 its probably the case that at that point the British style “Obama care”, or socialized medicine was in full swing.

The show portrays an almost Utopian view of healthcare.  If your sick, Doc Martin can cure you or get space for you in a hospital at the drop of a hat.  He even makes house calls (although begrudgingly).There is no waiting line for surgery, your case is handled immediately.    People are healed with the latest in health care and drugs.

The case of Alfie Evans last week brought this idealistic view of the British health care system crashing down.  The term used on Alfie in an article in the Remnant newspaper was that he was a “Bed Blocker”, in other words he was taking up valuable bed space from a more curable productive member of society.   Alfie had to be eliminated despite world wide pleas for the child.

This is what Obamacare had planned for Americans as well.  When Sarah Palin brought up the idea of death panels leftist drones laughed at her.  These drones refused to be confused by the facts as it was later learned that Doc Emanual, brother of Rahm was designing those panels as Sarah spoke.

The question is did the BBC portray the medical world of Doc Martin as kind of a fantasy as to what the medical profession in England should be like or was the series designed as a propaganda tool for socialized medicine and the leftist’s who are now in full control of Britain.

Although Obama care is imploding here and on life support, without a GOP house and Senate in 2019 president Trump will not be able to administer the coup de grâce to this floundering socialist program.  God help us all if Obamacare lives again.

Also, one final thought, this being Britain I can’t help but wonder if the Child would of been given all the best medical treatment the country could muster if his name was Mohammad Evans.



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