What If John XXIII was never elected pope, history says it might of happened

From Novus Ordo wire a great peace they ran 5 years ago about the possible bogus election of Cardinal Angelo Roncalli and how if Cardinal Siri as Pope Gregory XVII would of justly received the chair of St. Peter things would be so much different for the Catholic church, and more than likely for the better.  Unfortunately now Roncalli paved the way for crooks, freemasons, homosexuals, and socialists to take charge……..cc

A Bizarre Anniversary: White Smoke, No Pope at Conclave of 1958

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It’s been 55 years now…

A Bizarre Anniversary:
White Smoke, Still No Pope on Oct. 26, 1958


The Mysterious Conclave of 1958
Was someone else elected before John XXIII?

It’s where all the official trouble began, it’s the one event that started it all: the conclave of October 1958, which met to elect a successor to Pope Pius XII, and, after a great many ballots and some curious shenanigans, presented Cardinal Angelo Roncalli as “Pope” John XXIII on Oct. 28. What many people don’t know is that two days prior to Roncalli’s appearance as “Pope”, namely, on Oct. 26, white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel already. The Swiss guards were notified to prepare to welcome the soon-to-appear Pope, and Vatican Radio announced excitedly, “There can be absolutely no doubt. A Pope has been elected!”

But no Pope ever stepped out on the balcony of St. Peter’s. The white smoke turned to gray, and confusion ensued. The above video discusses this event and presents some circumstantial evidence, or clues, to the effect that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Genoa, was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII.

We are sharing this video not to make anyone believe that Cardinal Giusseppe Siri was actually Pope Pius XII’s successor, but to make people aware of the mysterious goings-on at this conclave, to get people to investigate it, and to pinpoint the moment in Church history that appears to contain the cause of the Eclipse of the Catholic Church and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Religion and its false “Popes”. October 26, 1958, is when all the trouble began; it is ground zero of the New Church.

Be sure also to check out the links below, where a former consultant to the FBI claims in a 2003 book that U.S. intelligence documents confirm the election of Cardinal Siri as Pope Gregory XVII, and a 1994 book by Franco Bellegrandi, a former member of the Vatican noble guard, reveals how the Masonic influence at the 1958 conclave had already predetermined the election of Roncalli as “Pope.”

The above video taken from:

papal imposters

DVD “Papal Impostors”
with stunning historical video and audio footage, including several Vatican conclaves
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The Cupich Cantius Connection chapter 2

Yesterday I posted an article voicing my concerns about what is going on at St. John Cantius parish where the pastor and founder of the canons of St. John Cantius was removed from the parish.

Since then I ran across a piece in the blog Mahound’s Paradise that sheds more and somewhat disturbing light on these events.  The blogger is actually a parishioner of St. Johns and gives us some first hand insight, well worth the read.

The most disturbing is from this excerpt from Mahaund’s Paradise

While the precise nature of the charges is still unclear, it’s fair to say that most parishioners have a difficult time believing that Fr. Phillips could be anything but innocent. Even on the logical possibility that there might be at least partial truth to the charges (and I suspect the hardheaded among us have considered the possibility), and whatever might or might not be said in public, many are viewing this as Cupich’s long-anticipated attempt to assert control over the Canons Regular and St. John Cantius itself with the eventual goal of shutting us down.
The Canons still have no official independent status and all members could be reassigned by the Archdiocese at any time, or the Canons Regular broken up or dissolved.
Whatever Cupich’s actual desires or intentions, I always believed we would be protected by the fact that an obvious move against Cantius would be perceived badly by the Chicago community – again, partly keeping in mind our status as a cultural institution. Forgive me, but I never thought it would happen this way. Now it seems like it was the most (or the only) logical way for it to happen.

This was the once beautiful seminary chapel of St. Turibius. Beautiful until Cupich got a hold of it and turned it into the inside of a white Westinghouse refrigerator.

This is starting out to have all the makings of another Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate when Pope Jackass 1 sent another one of his “gunzo’s” Father Volpie to destroy the traditional order and like the other vandals in Rome he did an excellent job.  I think his counterpart in Chicago, Blase “Frank Nittie” Cupich is getting ready to launch a similar attack.   The SSPX has sited his hostility towards the traditonal liturgy as follows.

On the Liturgy

Cupich has a constant record of hostility toward the traditional liturgy. It is said that in his first Mass as pastor of St. Mary in Omaha, NE his hometown, he reprimanded a young parishioner for attempting to receive the Communion on her knees.

In 2002, as Bishop of Rapid City, SD, Cupich prohibited children to make the first Communion or to be confirmed in the traditional Latin Rite. That same year, according to the Rapid City Journal (May 27, 2002), he prohibited a traditional Latin Mass community from celebrating the Paschal Triduum liturgies according to the 1962 Missal by locking the doors of Immaculate Conception Church during the Easter Triduum. The Good Friday liturgies took place on the sidewalk.

In 2011, then still Bishop in Spokane, WA, Cupich wrote The New Roman Missal: A Time of Renewal, a historical overview on liturgical renewal to introduce the new English translation of the Roman Missal.

Cupich’s vision is the same one which caused the liturgical revolution of the 1970s. Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio had no effect on him. He considers the traditional Latin Mass as dreadful and incomprehensible to the people. Its rites, according to Cupich, inspires church architecture such as altar rails which he claims have kept people far from the altar and impeded “full and active participation.” By Cupich’s logic, the “old” Mass definitely belongs to a time long ago to which today’s Catholics are unable to relate. Lamenting those who did not accept the changes of the Novus Ordo Missae, Cupich holds that Catholics have to understand that the reform of the Second Vatican Council was, in fact, an improvement. And so he praises Communion under both species, Mass in the vernacular, lay participation in the liturgy, and the simplification of the rubrics.

The Coop yucks it up with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual on his arrival to Chicago. No doubt since then he got some good left wing pointers on how not to let a good crises go to waste.  To me the guy even looks like a little weasel.

Some other pieces of the puzzle to consider.  The archdiocese of Chicago under cardinal George did a great job propagating the Latin mass.  Is it any wonder why Pope Jackass I posted the Coop here?  The mission was obvious to seek out and destroy what remains of the traditional Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  It must be destroyed.  By taking out St. John Cantius you eliminate the main source of training for diocesan priests to read the Tridentine mass.  I attend a parish in West Chicago that offers the Latin mass at 10:15 on Sundays.  The majority of priests who say the Latin mass there got their Training at St. John Cantius, I can think of 4 diocesan priests off hand.  Of course this is the Joliet Diocese where, unlike the Dioceses of Chicago and Rockford, doesn’t have a personal vendetta against the Latin mass or the traditional Catholic church.

Although while my own personal encounters with Father Phillips is limited I found him to be a very orthodox priest (I am sure something gunzo Cupich frowns on) and a very above board prelate.  One encounter was donating some property years ago to St. John Cantius, and just recently asking him about the validity of a local independent priest reading the Latin mass.  Both times I knew I was talking to a good priest. Just based on that I think he is being set up.

Stay tuned!

Suspicious accusations against Father Phillips could have Political goals at their roots

I was shocked this morning to hear of Father Phillips founder of the Cannons of St. John Cantius being removed as pastor of St. John Cantius parish in Chicago.  He is being accused of sexual misconduct with adults. When I heard Blase Cupich was involved I saw a sea of red flags.

None of the cases involved minors and details so far are sketchy but lets look at what we do know.  Father Phillips is a Ressurectionist priest who formed the cannons of St. John Cantius.  The order was established to carry on and preserve Catholic Tradition including the Traditional Latin mass.  The work they are doing in the preservation of the Catholic faith is stellar to say the least.

So along comes Blase Cupich the new Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The Cup was handpicked by Pope Jackass Bergoglio I  who’s primary mission is to destroy the Catholic faith beyond recognition.  Cupich is one of Pope Jackass’s chief Lieutenants who’s hatred of the traditional mass is well known.  Since Cupich and Mayor Rahm Emanual are BFF’s I am sure the Rahm Emanual theory of never let a good crises go to waste comes into play.  What better way to take out the real Catholic church then to hammer away at one of the foundations,  St. John Cantius parish.

Sexual accusations are a great way to destroy people true or not.  My own experience was with Father Lutz from St. Isaac Jogues parish in Niles Illinois back in the 60s.  Father Lutz was a stellar priest.  As an altar boy I would study Latin with him alone in the rectory.  NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENED that was not above board.  He was respected and liked with all the parishioners.  Then 60 minutes did an attack piece lead by yellow journalist Ed Bradley.  They accused Father of sexual misconduct in a parish in Northbrook.  Turns out Father was innocent, the young boy made it all up but the damage was done Fathers reputation was ruined. In fact Father Lutz later counter sued the boy and his parent and won the case.  Oh and to my knowledge fake news 60 minutes never retracted the story.

Bergoglio lied about Pope Benedict so why can’t his Chicago Lieutenant lie about Father Phillips.   Just my theory and opinion mind you.  Bottom line is if Blase Cupich is involved be very, very careful…………CC

This article appeared in the Chicago Tribune

Longtime pastor removed from St. John Cantius Catholic Parish amid investigation

Elvia MalagonChicago Tribune

The Rev. C. Frank Phillips, founder of a religious order of men and pastor at the storied St. John Cantius Catholic Parish, was removed last week by the Archdiocese of Chicago amid an investigation into allegations of improper conduct with adult men, according to church officials.

In a statement to parishioners, Cardinal Blase Cupich explained that he had made the decision to “withdraw” Phillips after learning “of credible allegations of improper conduct involving adult men.” Anne Maselli, a spokeswoman for the archdiocese, said in an email that the allegations do not involve any minors.

Phillips is barred from performing any priestly duties, including administering the sacraments. The allegations will be investigated by the Congregation of the Resurrection, the Catholic religious organization of which the group founded by Phillips is part, according to the statement.

The parish is at 825 N. Carpenter St. in the Goose Island neighborhood. Phillips will also have to move to a location determined by his order.

“I am aware that this is difficult news to receive, but the Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to ensuring those serving our parishioners are fit for ministry,” Cupich said in a statement. “Know that this decision was made after careful consideration. I will continue to pray for you and am confident the Lord will sustain the St. John Cantius community as you make this transition.”

Phillips had been with the parish since 1988, and it has become well-known in the archdiocese for its traditional, all-Latin services. In 1998, Phillips founded the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius as a religious community of men who devote their lives to the church and live under “the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience,” and are part of the larger Resurrectionist order, according to the Cantians’ website. The men follow traditions similar to those of the Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits.

The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius was first approved by Cardinal Francis George, according to the church’s website.

“The preservation of the traditional Catholic art and the Catholic music are a means of evangelizing to people,” Phillips told the Tribune in 2000. “The sacred arts should draw the hearts of individuals closer to God.”

The Canons Regular will now be supervised by the Rev. Scott Thelander, who will also serve as administrator of the church, according to the statement. Services at the church are expected to continue as scheduled.

The removal of Phillips has left parishioners stunned, said David Carollo, a longtime member of St. John Cantius. He credited Phillips with helping the Canons Regular grow through the years.

Carollo said he believes Phillips is innocent and will be cleared of any wrongdoing. He thinks that is especially true because of the code Phillips and the other men involved in the order live by.

“This doesn’t fit the man I know,” Carollo said.


Twitter @ElviaMalagon

ANGELA MERKEL storms out of Parliament after AFD party leader condemns her fascist policy of forcing all EU countries to accept her mandated quotas of Muslim invaders posing as refugees — BARE NAKED ISLAM

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel walked out of a parliamentary session after a leader from the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party criticized her support of a proposed EU mandatory Muslim refugee distribution system. Several other leftist MPs left the room as the discussion turned to the banning of the Islamic supremacist headbag. RT While Merkel…

via ANGELA MERKEL storms out of Parliament after AFD party leader condemns her fascist policy of forcing all EU countries to accept her mandated quotas of Muslim invaders posing as refugees — BARE NAKED ISLAM

Abortionist: Babies can’t scream while I abort them because I cut their cords first


Note:  What does the M D in this Torres gal title stand for?  Is it Mad Dog or Mengeles Doctor?………………CC

Claire ChretienClaire Chretien Follow Claire

March 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pre-born babies don’t scream as they’re aborted, because “I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity,” according to a prominent abortionist.

Leah Torres, an abortionist with a big Twitter presence, tweeted that if the babies she kills are developed enough to have larynxes, she snips “the cord” so they don’t scream. Torres then deleted the tweet.


It’s unclear if she meant spinal, umbilical, or vocal cords. Abortion by umbilical cord transection is a method of abortion. During such an abortion, “using the ultrasound for guidance, the physician then punctures the amniotic membrane, inserts an instrument into the uterus, grasps the cord, and with another instrument cuts the cord. The physician must then wait for the fetal heart activity to cease, which usually occurs after 10 minutes.”


Torres said she deleted that tweet because “my friend asked me to” but “I’m not sorry” for it.

Deleting the post was “for the greater good of reproductive health,” Torres wrote, because her friend is “trying to open dialogue between ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’…in Australia.”

Torres is based in Utah. She works for Planned Parenthood. According to Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden, he didn’t investigate Utah Planned Parenthood “because their abortion doctors were the only ones who actually scared me.”

“The Silent Scream” is a famous documentary, narrated by NARAL founder and former abortionist, from the early days of the pro-life movement. It shows an actual abortion on an ultrasound. The 11-week-old baby being killed appears to be crying out in pain.

Tell Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Sign the petition here!

From Chris Ferrara and the Remnant: More Fake News from the Vatican, “the Pope in the Attic,” and the End of the Line for Neo-Catholicism


The AP catches the Vatican doctoring a crucial photo of a “letter from Benedict” praising Francis. It’s business as usual for the Bergoglian propaganda machine.

Vigano pope teeMeanwhile, Msgr. Dario Vigano, Vatican Communications/PR chief launches the SuperPope Tee.

Five years after Benedict XVI fled the Chair of Peter, allowing “The Dictator Pope” to occupy it—thus accomplishing the temporarily thwarted objective of the St. Gallen “mafia”— Benedict now declares in a purported letter from him that “there is an internal continuity” between his pontificate and the Bergoglian dictatorship.  Addressed to Msgr. Dario Vigano, Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications, the letter has all the earmarks of a public relations ploy to restore confidence in a papacy even commentators of the neo-Catholic mainstream are finally compelled to recognize as “disastrous.”

Tellingly, the purported letter is addressed to the head of the Vatican’s PR department in response to a letter from Vigano, who must have solicited Benedict’s reply. The letter praises a series of eleven booklets by various authors on “The Theology of Pope Francis”—not to be confused with the theology of the Magisterium. In the portion of the letter made public by the Vatican Press Office we read the following:

I applaud this initiative that seeks to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice according to which Pope Francis would only be a practical man devoid of particular theological or philosophical formation, while I would have been only a theoretician of theology that understood little of the concrete life of a Christian today.

The little volumes rightly show that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation and they help therefore to see the internal continuity between the two pontificates, even with all the differences of style and temperament.

Consider, first of all, the absurdity—one of the innumerable absurdities of the post-conciliar epoch—of a “retired” Pope commenting on the “style and temperament” of his successor, as if to assure the shareholders of a publicly held corporation that the new CEO, despite his disturbing behavior, will maintain company policy and the value of the company’s shares. Is this for real?

That aside, how did the ailing 90-year-old “Pope Emeritus” find the time and energy to read eleven volumes, even “little” ones, on “the theology of Pope Francis”? In fact, Benedict hasn’t read them. In the leaked integral text of the letter, which Sandro Magister’s blog has done us the favor of publishing in the original Italian, we find the following admission, concealed by the Vatican:

However, I don’t feel I can write a brief and dense theological passage on them because throughout my life it has always been clear that I should write and express myself only on books I had really read. Unfortunately, if only for physical reasons, I am unable to read the eleven volumes in the near future, especially as other commitments await me that I have already assumed.

[Tuttavia non mi sento di scrivere su di essi una breve e densa pagina teologica perché in tutta la mia vita è sempre stato chiaro che avrei scritto e mi sarei espresso soltanto su libri che avevo anche veramente letto. Purtroppo, anche solo per ragioni fisiche, non sono in grado di leggere gli undici volumetti nel prossimo futuro, tanto più che mi attendono altri impegni che ho già assunti.]

Quite amusing is Benedict’s observation that he will not be able to read the eleven volumes in “the near future,” not only because he is physically weak, but because of “other commitments” that have priority. Evidently, the schedule of the “Pope Emeritus,” who pronounced himself too feeble to be an actual Pope, remains so busy he cannot devote his attention to the theological views of the very man who succeeded him on the Chair of Peter—the same successor for whom he has nothing but praise. He did, however, find time and energy to attend his own birthday party, at which he quaffed eine kräftige Tasse Bier in the midst of an apocalyptic Vatican-orchestrated assault on faith and morals of which he seemed blissfully unaware that Roman afternoon in the Vatican gardens:

bennie beer garden

Antonio Socci asks: “Why has the Vatican not made public the whole letter?” Answering his own question, he writes (with appropriate derision):

Now it is all clear. The great Sandro Magister… has published in its entirety the letter from Pope Benedict that the Vatican on Monday had not distributed to the press, and thus we discover that in the second part—with subtle sarcasm—Benedict makes known how to interpret the “toll” he had to pay in the first part

In substance, the Pope Emeritus explains that he had no time to write a comment on the “formidable” theological thought of Bergoglio (as he had been asked), and not even the time to read “the eleven little volumes,” by various authors, which unfold all the Bergoglian wisdom. They would have been useful to illustrate the thought of the Argentinian pope, but he, Benedict, lets it be known that he has not read them and does not even have the intention of reading them because he has other things to do. Get the hint? A few words to the wise (it seems to me an elegant and sublime mockery) [emphasis by Socci; translation mine]

Up to its usual tricks, many of which were deployed to obfuscate the Third Secret, the Vatican published only a photo of the letter, whose second page, containing the damning admission, is hidden under a pile of the same eleven volumes Benedict hasn’t read:

Vat press letterPhoto distributed to press by the Vatican Press Office

Worse, as the AP’s Nicole Winfield reports, the Vatican has been caught digitally altering the last two lines on the letter’s first page, which begin the paragraph in which Benedict reveals he never read the volumes his purported letter endorses:

The Vatican admitted to The Associated Press on Wednesday that it blurred the two final lines of the first page where Benedict begins to explain that he didn’t actually read the books in question. He wrote that he cannot contribute a theological assessment of Francis as requested by Viganobecause he has other projects to do.

A Vatican spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, didn’t explain why the Holy See blurred the lines other than to say it never intended for the full letter to be released. In fact, the entire second page of the letter is covered in the photo by a stack of books, with just Benedict’s tiny signature showing, to prove its authenticity.

Winfield points out that “Most independent news media, including The Associated Press, follow strict standards that forbid digital manipulation of photos. ‘No element should be digitally added to or subtracted from any photograph,’ read the AP norms, which are considered to be the industry standard among news agencies.” With exquisite irony, she concludes: “Vigano heads the Vatican’s new Secretariat for Communications, which has brought all Vatican media under one umbrella in a bid to reduce costs and improve efficiency, part of Francis’ reform efforts. The office’s recent message for the church’s World Day of Social Communications denounced ‘fake news’ as evil and urged media to seek the truth.”

Vigano “never intended for the full letter to be released” because­­—is anyone really surprised? —both the letter and the eleven hastily produced volumes it falsely appears to endorse are part of an elaborate fake news operation designed to promote the fictional narrative that Bergoglio’s theology is wholly orthodox. We are expected to believe this despite an endless torrent of disordered, offensive, insulting, scandalous, heretical or proximately heretical utterances and outrageously twisted interpretations of Scripture, compiled here by a group of diocesan priests who, in order to avoid the long arm of Bergoglian mercy, must remain anonymous.

Benedict’s obvious slighting of “the theology of Pope Francis” does indeed lend itself to reading the letter as a whole thus: “I am saying what I am expected to say, but I want you to know that I cannot vouch for it.” And yet Benedict was still willing to subscribe to the claim that eleven volumes he hadn’t read “rightly show that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation,” thus providing the Vatican PR machine with a handy blurb for a work of which he knows practically nothing. This bespeaks either undue influence upon him or his own lack of candor. Which, I cannot say for certain.

Socci notes, by way of comparison, the laudatory preface Benedict provided to Cardinal Robert Sarah’s “The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise”—a book that Benedict has read. In that preface, entirely “composed in his diminutive handwriting during Easter Week,” we read the following:

As I was reading the new book by Robert Cardinal Sarah, all these thoughts went through my soul again. Sarah teaches us silence—being silent with Jesus, true inner stillness, and in just this way he helps us to grasp the word of the Lord anew….

From this vantage point, he [Sarah] can then see the dangers that continually threaten the spiritual life, of priests and bishops also, and thus endanger the Church herself, too, in which it is not uncommon for the Word to be replaced by a verbosity that dilutes the greatness of the Word…. Cardinal Sarah is a spiritual teacher, who speaks out of the depths of silence with the Lord, out of his interior union with him, and thus really has something to say to each one of us…. With Cardinal Sarah, a master of silence and of interior prayer, the liturgy is in good hands.

Benedict provided this preface even though he cannot have failed to notice that Cardinal Sarah’s book launches a veiled but devastating broadside against the entire Bergoglian regime, with Amoris Laetita in the bull’s eye, as indicated by the following quotations (collated by the indispensable Life Site News):

I will untiringly denounce those who are unfaithful to the promise of their ordination. In order to make themselves known or to impose their personal views, both on the theological and the pastoral level, they speak again and again. These clerics repeat the same banal things. I could not affirm that God dwells within them.

But they talk, and the media love to listen to them in order to [reveal] their ineptitudes, particularly if they declared themselves in favour of the new post humanist ideologies, in the realm of sexuality, the family, and marriage.

These clerics consider God’s thinking about conjugal life to be an “evangelical ideal.” Marriage is no longer a requirement willed by God, modeled and manifested in the nuptial bond between Christ and the Church. Some theologians in their presumptuousness and arrogance go so far as to assert personal opinions that are difficult to reconcile with revelation, tradition, the centuries-old Magisterium of the Church, and the teaching of Christ.

Bishops that scatter the sheep that Jesus has entrusted to them will be judged mercilessly and severely by God.

And yet, for two millennia, what a surprising paradox it has been to see so many garrulous theologians, so many noisy popesso many successors of the Apostles are pretentious and infatuated with their own arguments.

During conclaves, the spirit points out God’s choice to the Cardinals; the latter must submit to his will and not to human political strategies. If we thwart the Holy Spirit by miserable, petty human calculations, secret meetings, and media consultations, we run headlong into tragedy and we are gravediggers of the divine nature of the church.

Some pretentious, cynical ideologues threaten the truth of Jesus. Confusion, relativism, and chaos point toward to be fatal prospect.

The impression is given that sin no longer exists; adultery, divorce, cohabitation are no longer to be considered serious sins. They are failures or stages along the way to a distant ideal.

The Church today is going through unprecedented exterior and into interior trials. Something like an earthquake is seeking to demolish her doctrinal foundations and her centuries-old moral teachings.

It is necessary to revive staunch adherence to the Catholic faith, it is necessary to proclaim the consistency of the Church at the heart of a world that is in complete upheaval and threatened with collapse.

Benedict’s preface declares: “We should be grateful to Pope Francis for appointing such a spiritual teacher as head of the congregation that is responsible for the celebration of the liturgy in the Church…. With Cardinal Sarah, a master of silence and of interior prayer, the liturgy is in good hands.” But, as Magister mordantly observes: “It is no mystery, however, that Jorge Mario Bergoglio confined Cardinal Sarah to that post in order to neutralize him, certainly not to promote him. In fact he has deprived him of all effective authority, has surrounded him with men who are workingagainst him, and has even disavowedin public his proposals for a ‘reform of the reform’ in the liturgical field.”

Then there is Benedict’s statement for the funeral of Cardinal Meisner, one of the four “dubia cardinals” Bergoglio has refused to answer, wherein Benedict praises the late cardinal for his “deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.”

The fact remains, however, that Benedict has lent his name and signature to the fraudulent claim that Bergoglio exhibits a profound philosophical and theological formation, even though he has spent the past five years engaged in shallow mockery of “the theologians,” whom he would consign to a desert island, while shamefully misrepresenting the teaching of Saint Thomas as supportive of his campaign to admit public adulterers to Holy Communion. What Bergoglio exhibits, rather, is crude demagoguery in aid of what even Philip Lawler is constrained to call “a deliberate effort to change what the Church teaches.” That effort that includes a non-stop jeremiad against the defenders of Catholic orthodoxy by a Pope that Lawler’s own bestseller describes as a “Lost Shepherd” who is “misleading his flock.”

e edition ad with guy

Despite its contrary signaling, therefore, Benedict’s letter to Vigano must be seen as cooperation in a scheme to rescue Bergoglio’s imploding papacy from itself, no matter what Benedict’s subjective intention may have been in going along with the ruse. The letter’s claim of an “internal continuity” between his pontificate and Bergoglio’s is a transparent evasion of the truth. “Internal continuity” is just another way of saying “apparent lack of continuity.” Nor can the apparent lack of continuity be reduced to “differences of style and temperament.” There is not an even arguable continuity between the two Popes regarding the dominant theme of Bergoglio’s pontificate: an absolutely unparalleled attack on the Sixth Commandment and even the natural law, far more dramatic than Bergoglio merely trudging along the path of “ecumenism,” “dialogue” and “liturgical renewal” established at Vatican II. Bergoglio has jumped the divider into an express lane to final disaster, leaving even the conciliar Popes in the rear-view mirror.

Surely, Benedict would know that Cardinal Sarah’s book, while it avoids naming Bergoglio, reflects the reality that his pontificate is one long campaign to overturn the teaching of Benedict himself, John Paul II and all of Tradition on the absolute impermissibility of intrinsically evil behaviors, including adultery and contraception, and thus the “intrinsically impossible” admission of public adulterers to Holy Communion on account of their “permanent and public adultery”—a norm to which “the conscience of the individual is bound without exception” because it is “a norm of divine law” the Church “has no discretionary authority” to alter.

Benedict would have to know in particular that Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia reduces the Sixth Commandment, an exceptionless precept of the divine and natural law, to a mere “rule” and an “ideal” that does not bind strictly in certain “complex circumstances,” thereby smuggling into the life of the Church, under the guise of “authentic Magisterium,” precisely the evil of situation ethics that John Paul II condemned as follows in Veritatis splendor:

The negative precepts of the natural law are universally valid. They oblige each and every individual, always and in every circumstance. It is a matter of prohibitions which forbid a given action semper et pro semper, without exception, because the choice of this kind of behaviour is in no case compatible with the goodness of the will of the acting person, with his vocation to life with God and to communion with his neighbour. It is prohibited — to everyone and in every case — to violate these precepts….

The Church has always taught that one may never choose kinds of behaviour prohibited by the moral commandments expressed in negative form in the Old and New Testaments. As we have seen, Jesus himself reaffirms that these prohibitions allow no exceptions: “If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments… You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness” (Mt 19:17-18).

Francis, in short, is the one and only Pope in 2,000 years who has dared to attempt a flat contradiction of all prior teaching of the Magisterium on a matter of basic morality that binds all men without exception, and then label this outrage “authentic Magisterium.” The only way Benedict would not be aware of this catastrophe is if he has lost the capacity for reason since his abdication, or else has been kept from seeing or even hearing about the pertinent Bergoglian texts and oral utterances.

The latter scenario is certainly at least somewhat plausible, given that Benedict resides in a monastery building, has not left the Vatican enclave since his abdication and a brief sojourn at Castel Gandolfo, and is not even allowed to appear at public events unless invited to do so by Bergoglio. The Atlantic Monthly aptly describes this living arrangement as “the Pope in the attic” who is “an autoclaustrato, a self-cloistered contemplative in an order with a membership of one,” and is confined to a “cell of his own making, committed not to travel and pledged not to speak out against his successor.” I doubt Benedict is surfing the Web to sample the rising worldwide opposition to his successor’s dictatorial insanity. As for print publications, we can be certain he is not provided with anything even remotely critical of Bergoglio.

On the other hand, if Benedict is aware of the Bergoglian Debacle, then the conclusion that he is knowingly aiding and abetting it is inescapable. In that case, the letter to Vigano would be just another example of how the conciliar Popes have presided over an epoch of deception that the Vatican has been orchestrating for more than fifty years. The half-century of lies emanating from a manifestly less-than-holy Holy See began with the Big Lie that Paul VI had juridically banned celebration of the Church’s immemorial received and approved rite of Mass, despite the lack of any definitive papal pronouncement so stating.

That fraud upon the Church was finally exposed by Benedict himself in Summorum Pontificum. Yet evenSummorum kept the fraud going on some level by means of the shifty rhetoric that has enabled the post-conciliar revolution from its inception. Quoth Benedict:

The last version of the Missale Romanum prior to the Council, which was published with the authority of Pope John XXIII in 1962 and used during the Council, will now be able to be used as a Forma extraordinaria of the liturgical celebration.  It is not appropriate to speak of these two versions of the Roman Missal as if they were “two Rites”.  Rather, it is a matter of a twofold use of one and the same rite….

Already from these concrete presuppositions, it is clearly seen that the new Missal will certainly remain the ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, not only on account of the juridical norms, but also because of the actual situation of the communities of the faithful.

So, according to Summorum, the Mass of the ages is now “extraordinary” while the New Mass, the most extraordinary—and destructive—novelty the Church has ever seen, is the “ordinary” form of Catholic worship. The Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s Oceania has nothing on the post-conciliar Vatican apparatus and the Popes who have headed it, Benedict included. Nor can we overlook that the very author of Summorum conspicuously refused ever to celebrate in public the traditional Mass the post-conciliar revolution had overthrown.

Here, and in so many other places throughout Joseph Ratzinger’s long ecclesiastical career, we see an evidently conflicted theological liberal, a “moderate” Modernist who was instrumental in the Council’s disastrous departure from its traditional schema. Yet he later had the intellectual honesty to admit the failure of the post-conciliar aggiornamento, especially where the new liturgy is concerned, while invoking the utopian hope in a future realization of “the true Council” by way of a “hermeneutic of continuity” that he was never able to explain and should never have been necessary in the first place. And, quite unlike his successor, as Pope he had enough respect for the Petrine office to declare at the outset of his pontificate that “The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose thoughts and desires are law…. He must not proclaim his own ideas, but rather constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God’s Word, in the face of every attempt to adapt it or water it down, and every form of opportunism.” In fairness to him, we can say that he kept his word in that regard, at least materially.

But who can provide a definitive diagnosis of the mind of Ratzinger, his subjective intentions for the Church over some sixty years, or the reasons for his mysterious abdication? Certainly not this writer. This much is clear, however: Pope Benedict’s abdication and the rise of Bergoglianism mark the end of the line for neo-Catholicism and its ruinous attempt, assisted too often by Ratzinger himself, to reconcile Tradition with the spirit of the age. As I observed on these pages back in 2002:

The neo-Catholic phenomenon in the Church, therefore, parallels the political mobilism of secular society, in which the term “conservative” no longer means what it did forty years ago. A Democrat of the 1950s would view today’s “conservative” Republican as a liberal savage. In like manner, today’s “neo-conservative Catholics”… are progressives who embrace novelties that Saint Pius X could not have imagined in his worst nightmare. Not only do they embrace these novelties, they attack the “paleoconservative” traditionalists as “schismatics” for declining to follow suit.

Sixteen years ago, in commenting in particular on the inadequacy of Cardinal Ratzinger’s ambiguity-ladenDominus Iesus as a “conservative” antidote to the rise of the fatal heresy of indifferentism in the Church, my co-author and I wrote:

Dominus Iesus has not proven to be the answer to the postconciliar crisis. No Vatican document will be. It is our conviction that the only way out of the crisis is the full restoration of Roman Catholic ecclesiastical tradition, classical theology, classical preaching and Scholastic philosophy. That is, a restoration of the Church to her basic condition a mere forty years ago. We are also convinced that such a restoration is no nostalgic dream, but an inevitable provision of God’s providence, for the current abysmal state of the Church’s liturgy, preaching and general discipline cannot possibly serve as the foundation for her mission in the future. Sooner or later, God will intervene, if those who govern the Church will not do what has to be done to bring her back to health.

The unprecedented and untenable division of the Church into traditionalist, “conservative” and liberal branches, with Bergoglio now clumsily attempting to saw off the first two branches, signals an historical turning point at which it seems only divine intervention of the most dramatic sort will be able to restore the Church to the path of Tradition from which her human element so tragically deviated at the Council.

That day of divine reckoning seems almost to be upon us. But whenever it comes, and in whatever circumstances it takes place, our abiding faith in the Church’s indefectibility allows us confidently to predict an ultimately decisive defeat of what Pope Pius X, the sainted foe of Modernism in all its guises, denounced as the “unremitting attacks of insane dreamers, rebels and miscreants. OMNIA INSTAURARE IN CHRISTO.”

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God’s not giving up so you shouldn’t either

Pope Jackass I, the Vaticans own Benedict Arnold

In the midst of a fake pope spouting out a combination of socialism, anti dogma, modernism, and just plain stupidity its important to follow the advice of St. Thomas Aquinas, it is not only right to criticize a bad prelate but its our Catholic duty  My mother was a victim of the interior struggle of your basic Catholic belief and modernistic lies.

My mother was of Polish extraction, second generation American she followed church teaching to the letter as did her father, my grandfather.  I find it an interesting tie in here that my grandfather was also an altar boy at St. John Cantius church in Chicago in the late 1800’s.  St. John Cantius is the church from where Father Phillips launched the cannons of St. John Cantius, an order of priest still loyal to the traditional mass.

I learned my Catholicism from a combination of my mom and the Sisters of Christian Charity at St. Isaac Jogues grade school in Niles Illinois.  Those were the days when Catholic nuns not only dressed the part, with full habits but also acted the part relaying true church dogma to all of us students.  I remember one class when sister Ester was asked if a divorced man could become a priest.  Sisters response was short, simple and sweet, “There is no such thing as divorce” she said bluntly.  Right on sister, right on.

My mother went to confession at least twice a month and she followed the first Friday devotion where, it is promised that the faithful who attended 9 consecutive months of first Friday’s receiving the Holy Eucharist,  would not die without a priest or as it states,  I promise you in the excessive mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful love will grant to all those who shall receive communion on the First Friday in nine consecutive months the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving their sacraments; My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

All was fine and good unit Pope John XXIII and Vatican 2 modernism reared it ugly head.  Father Spring the founding pastor of St. Issac’s retired and when he left so did any semblance of the Catholic church.  Mom continued to attend mass there and the confusion and dis-pare began to set in.  A modernist priest in his sermon said to the congregation that if you are just going to confession with venial sins you are wasting the priests time.  Mom stopped going to regular confession because of this sermon as did most of the parishioners.  Apparently no one told this priest in the seminary of sanctifying grace.  You could see doubt setting in to church militant.

Shortly before she died my mom told me that after going to all those first Fridays she doubted she would die with a priest at her bedside because of the priest shortage, another tragic consequence of Vatican 2.  But guess what, God’s promise came true for all those first Friday devotions.  She died at St. Josephs hospital in Elgin with a priest, Fr. Andrew Pleasa,  administering the last rights.  Although this priest ministered in the Novus Ordo church he was ordained BEFORE Vatican 2.  This left no doubt in my mind that his sacraments were valid.   I read this as another sign that God will NOT abandon practicing Catholics even though their minds have been distorted with Vatican 2 modernism.

The masthead on the Remnant newspaper is from Romans and reads “We are but a remnant selected out of grace”.  I think there are more of us out there as many think., people who are still attending the Novus Ordo but with serious doubts and a desire to return to the real Catholic church.  Despite strong opposition from the conquered Vatican the Traditional Catholic church continues to emerge.  God is not giving up and we are not either.  Holy mother church will prevail, make no doubt about that.

Parenting – III

Heaven is hard, but amply worth the trouble,
Even if my efforts I shall needs redouble!

EC 553 (“Parenting – I” Feb 17) has been hitting a nerve. It is not surprising. The Devil has virtually the whole of society in his grasp. The battleground has moved to those families which are not yet in his grasp. Parents, do not despair of God (which is what the Devil wants you to do), but take the measure of the gravity of the situation, and see the logic of the two counter-measures proposed by God through His Mother for this situation. Then do the best you can, and leave your children in Our Lady’s hands.

Several readers have reacted so far to “Parenting – I,” and there are sure to be more. A first reader laments that Fr Delagneau’s analysis fits exactly his own family. On the day after Christmas last year their eldest daughter, just turned 20, turned her back on the family, left the family’s Traditional Catholic way of life “once and for all,” and turned herself over to the world with an imminent marriage into the bargain, for which she is not ready. However, a spark of hope is that the young man in question has no religion, which means that he may find his way with her to God more easily than if he had some religion! Another spark of hope is always that motherhood may bring her back to reality, as it did Marya Shatova in the novel “The Devils” of Dostoevsky (who saw the modern world coming).

A second reader, given the accuracy of Fr Delagneau’s portrait of today’s youngsters, wonders why these “Comments” ever recommend young men today in general to get married. She writes that there are hardly any half-way genuine young men or women left, because “the basic material has changed.” Might it not be time, she asks, to consider the possibility that God wants more men and women to stay single and to suffer from the loneliness, but by the freedom from family engagements to have more time for celibate struggle and sacrifice? In the workplace she says that the rising generation of workers want money, power and time off, that they have no idea even in theory of any work ethos, and almost all are living in sin, with “partners” or second spouses or some perversion or other. “Jesus, have mercy,” she concludes.

A third reader suggests that it is all very well for Fr Delagneau to turn to the parents, but what is the Church now doing to defend families? Whereas the reader himself is old enough to be able to look back fondly to the 1960’s when his own mother was always at home to look after the children, now he says few families can make ends meet without the mother having to go outside of the home to work, and the children have to be turned over to the State to be looked after, because the official Church is on the ropes and Catholic Tradition is stretched far apart. Living conditions for families are determined by the State which does not favour families and has none of the Church’s skill to be able to help with a famil y’s human problems. This reader concludes that we are enslaved, like the Jews in Egypt. But he does also say that since God has left families in today’s situation, there must be something they can do about it.

Indeed. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” says the proverb. And the Council of Trent quotes St Augustine to the effect that God cannot abandon a soul that has not first abandoned Him. As Solzhenitsyn said, Russia would never have fallen into the Communist Hell if it had not turned its back on God. Almighty God allowed that Hell in order to bring “Holy Russia” back to Him. It took several years, but that return to God is now taking place all over Russia, even if the conversion is not yet Catholic. Patience. The Consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart will see to that. “In suffering is learning.” And now families all over the consumerist West are suffering intensely. Patience.

Parents need above all to grasp the urgency of the need to resort to Our Lady’s two remedies, the Rosary and the Devotion of the First Saturdays to make reparation to her Immaculate Heart. For who can say that either of these remedies is absolutely impossible? Let parents make a real effort with both – five Mysteries with the children, another ten individually if at all possible, and as long a drive as may be necessary for the First Saturdays, and then how could Our lady abandon them? Not possible!

Kyrie eleison.

Menzingen Defended – II

Why cannot good men see where evil lies?
The more they fail, the more the “Resistance” tries!

No doubt some readers of these “Comments” are not so interested in reading about what seem to them merely internal squabbles among relatively few Catholic priests. Let such readers beware of missing the importance of these “squabbles.” Religion leads the world because God exists, and how men stand to him (religion) governs how they stand to their fellow-men (politics). The Catholic Church leads religion because since Christ’s Incarnation Catholicism is the only religion founded by the one true God. And Catholic Tradition leads the Catholic Church because that Church is as essentially unchanging as Our Lord Himself. And for 42 years (1970–2012) the Society of St Pius X was in the front-line of the defence of Catholic Tradition because it was the only worldwide Catholic organisation effectively resisting the unfaithful modernisation of the Church by the Second Vatican Council. Therefore all men alive, atheists or Protestants or Conciliarists, especially priests and followers of the SSPX, are concerned by the problem of infidelity to Catholic Tradition within the SSPX. Read on, everybody!

Another champion of Menzingen, Fr. B., has stepped into the lists to defend its policy of rejoining Conciliar Rome – let us call them the Reconciliarists – with an article in the official monthly magazine of the SSPX in the USA. Ever since Vatican II separated Catholic Authority from the Catholic Truth which it only exists to defend and maintain, all Catholics have been necessarily more or less schizophrenic – either they follow Authority and abandon Truth, or they follow Truth and abandon Authority, or they choose any one of a variety of combinations in between.

The Founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre, chose Truth, but kept as much respect for the holders of Catholic Authority as was compatible with faithfulness to the Truth, and as a result he suffered serious persecution and condemnation fr om all Catholics who more or less preferred Authority On the contrary, his successors at the head of his Society are wanting to take it back under Conciliar Authority, so that from 2012 the Society has been officially Reconciliarist. By this switch of the SSPX from the Founder’s Truth back to Conciliar Authority, they have filled the Society with schizophrenia, causing a movement of “Resistance” to their “Reconciliarism.”

For most of his article, Fr B. is Catholic in his principles, but at the end he is Reconciliarist in their application. Therefore possibly to help the Society’s present Reconciliarist Superior General to be re-elected in July, he attacks the “Resistance” not for its attachment to Truth, which is its strong point, but for its detachment from Catholic Authority, both in Rome and in Menzingen. Thus, Fr B. says, towards Rome the “Resistance” is for the sake of its own “ease and convenience” in danger of ignoring the Pope and of not acknowl edging his authority, while towards Menzingen it is refusing proper respect and obedience, and by criticising every word uttered by the Superior General it is sowing suspicion and blocking the channels of grace.

But, Reverend Father, among your Catholic principles you yourself acknowledge the primacy of the Faith. Now Vatican II was a disaster for the Faith, by trying to put modern man in the place of God. Therefore Conciliarism and Reconciliarism are both disastrous, and both the officials of Rome and the Society’s present Superior General are to be judged accordingly. And he must not be replaced by another Reconciliarist. The problem is not the “Resistance” which does not “ignore” the Pope and is certainly not seeking its own ease and convenience, because it is highly uncomfortable for Catholics to be deprived of all support from recognisable Catholic officials above. Therefore the “Resistance” is neither falling into “a schismatic attitude in its own right,� �� nor is it wrecking the channels of grace. The problem is the Council causing schism, the Council poisoning the Popes and the Council strangling the grace of Jesus Christ. The present Superior General must not be re-elected if anything of the true Society is to survive.

Kyrie eleison.

HOPEFUL SIGNS: French Catholic Stuns CPAC, Blasts EU

A Remnant Website Video: This is an accompanying video to Dr. Jesse Russell’s new Remnant article on a hopeful sign from this year’s CPAC. “France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam”–so spoke Marion Marechal-Le Pen at CPAC. She’s a veteran of the Chartres Pilgrimage in France and was educated in traditional Catholic schools. This rising star in French politics is no Jeanne d’Arc–at least not yet–but her words leave little doubt that all is not lost in France. She defends traditional family, national sovereignty, freedom and private property against the EU. No wonder she made lots of folks at CPAC nervous. Vive la France catholique!