Amazing what bridges the Rosary can build

This is actually the rosary I use every day. It’s called a combat rosary. The corpus is so huge you can see me coming a mile away

I been getting up early lately so as a result my daily rosary walk is now usually before the sun comes up.  I think my MyPillow is finally giving up the ghost after 10 of service.  The first few years of that pillow were nirvana!   Slept a comfortable deep sleep the entire night.  But back to the rosary.

It’s amazing how many lives you touch simply by being seen praying your rosary in public.   I mentioned a few years ago that my rosary walk past a local nursing home resulted in a family, while waiting on their Grandfathers death, saw me thru the window and decided to pray the rosary as a family.  Grampa lasted to the very last prayer before he finally gave up the spirit.

Today, past that same nursing home thru the darkness I could see flashing ambulance lights and walked by the front entrance in time to see the paramedics taking away an older women.  Even though I was on the sidewalk and she was in the front parking lot being loaded into the ambulance she saw me and fixed her eyes on me.  I returned the gesture by holding up my rosary and nodding my head at her.  I did interrupt the rosary for an our Father (said in the traditional style), a Hail Mary, and Glory be that God may heal the women.  I know that God wanted me there at that time so  hopefully the poor women could draw some strength from it.

It was at this same nursing home a few years ago that a family had gathered in the room of their father waiting in vigil for him to pass on.  The family then saw a man with a huge rosary walking past the home.  The decided to pray the rosary together as a family.  Grampa lasted to the very last prayer before he gave up the ghost.  This story was told to me by a lady who lives in a house with a huge statue of our blessed mother in front.  I usually am just finishing up the rosary by the time I get to her house and that particular morning she was out in front.  I said good morning, I am not trying to case your house, just saying good morning to our Lady.  She said that’s ok I’ve seen you out her before.  Then she saw my rosary and took a step back and said, oh your the one!  It was her friends who were with the grandparent dieing in the room at the nursing home.  She said she knew it was me because of the huge rosary.

Then yesterday morning again with rosary in hand I saw a women who’s house had been up for sale.  I stopped and congratulated her on the sale and asked about how much she got for it.  I plan to put mine up for sale early next year.  She told me then opened up out of the blue that in the middle of the sale her husband abandoned her for a women from his office.  This women did not know me at all so I am convinced that it was the rosary that got her to get it off her chest.

People might warm up to me thinking I am a priest or religious brother.  At one time I have been mistaken for being a priest by one women who asked me if I was a priest.  No, I told her, just a common layman.   That also made me think where have we gone as a nation and a church where only priests are expected to pray the rosary.  I remember as a child almost every practicing Catholic had a rosary on their person at all times.   That and a brown scapular.  The scapular the shield and the rosary the sword.

Of course this neighborhood growing more and more Muslim I have had encounter there as well, both good and bad.  On the bad, when an Islamic saw me coming with my rosary while he was on his sell phone his eyes immediately bugged out and he went behind his van and I could hear him in some sort of Arabic tongue screaming into his cell phone.  No doubt about me.   But also the good, a lady in burka had complimented me on how she always see’s me Praying.  She lives in the house next door to a home with a statue of the blessed mother outside that I always stop at each morning to say hello our Lady and ask her for help to get thru the day.  I also pray for her and her family for a full conversion to the Catholic faith.  They are actually a nice family.  No doubt God also had reason for placing both home in proximity.  The rosary has helped me to connect the dots as to how all things happen as a reason for God’s ultimate will!

I am convinced that  the rosary is more than a powerful instrument of prayer but also a link to the souls of others.  Best thing I did in my life was to start praying the rosary every day rain or shine as I go for my morning walk.

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