A forgotten Hero of Assisi

I read an interesting article in the Remnant newspaper called “What the Gospel Asks: Three Heroes of Assisi.   Assisi as we all know was the birth place of St. Francis.  I think because of this God keeps a watchful and protective eye on the city and its citizens.   According to the Remnant “The clergy and citizens of Assisi saved over 200 Jews during the German occupation of their city.  The manner in which they saved these lives borders on the miraculous.  It makes some wonder if St. Francis interceded on their behalf”.

During the German occupation God send a devout Catholic as the German occupational commander of Assisi.  The man was Colonel Valentin Muller, a German military commander, and physician.  Below is a brief description of Col. Muller and his involvement with the city of Assisi.

Colonel Vanentin Muller military commander of Assisi

From the Remnant Newspaper:

“The appointment of Colonel Valentin Muller (a devout Catholic) as military commander of Assisi served the citizens (of Assisi) well because he repeatedly intervened against the SS and Gestapo who tried ruthless tactics against the Assisians.

When the German troops began retreating from the advancing Allies, Colonel Muller feared these retreating forces would occupy the city.  Although German Marshal Kesselring assured the doctor this would not happen, Colonel Muller stationed himself and other guards to ensure they would not enter Assisi.

When all of the other German forces had fled Italy, Colonel Muller and his division left Italy, too.  Word went out from the citizens of Assisi that he should have safe passage for what he had done to help them during the German occupation.  The Colonel and his family were welcomed as visitors in Assisi after the war ended.

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