“Vaccinated” Cardinal Dies from Covid-19

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, 79, the former Archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, has died from Covid-19 on September 23.

Urtosa was admitted to intensive care at the end of August. La Cigüeña De La Torre (InfoVaticana.com, September 23) calls him “a remarkable cardinal although Francis didn’t like him.”

Francis sent Urosa into early retirement at 76, in stark contrast to his friends whom he keeps in office until they are almost 80.

On his flight from Bratislava to Rome, Francis, a Covid legalist, made fun of Cardinal Burke (“irony of fate”) calling him a “negationist” because Burke was not “vaccinated” and contracted Covid-19.

The question now is how Gossip Francis will explain the Covid death of a “vaccinated” cardinal.

Archbishop Viganò Addresses Cancelled Priests

Archbishop Viganò delivers a message to cancelled priests

Dear brothers Priests,

Dear brothers and sisters,

I tell you all nothing that you do not already know, when I say that the Church of Christ is undergoing a very serious crisis, and that the Catholic Hierarchy has failed in the serious obligations of its apostolic mission and is in a large part corrupt. The origins of this crisis and this apostasy are now apparent even to the most moderate. They lay in having wanted to align the Church with the mentality of the world, whose prince, let us not forget, is Satan: princeps mundi hujus (Jn 12:31).

As Catholics, we know and believe that the Holy Church is indefectible; that is, that it cannot be overwhelmed by the gates of Hell, through the promise of Our Lord: portæ inferi non prævalebunt (Mt 16: 18). But what we see happening shows us the reality of a terrible situation, in which a corrupt part of the Hierarchy – which I call the deep church for the sake of brevity – has totally surrendered itself to the deep state. It is a betrayal that places the Shepherds and the highest levels of the Church before a very grave moral responsibility and necessitates courageous choices by priests and laity that at other times would be difficult to adopt and justify. We are faced with a war, an epochal clash, in which our generals not only are not leading the army to face the enemy but are actually ordering it to lay down its weapons and surrender unconditionally, driving away the most courageous soldiers and punishing the most loyal officials. The entire general staff of the Catholic Church has revealed itself to be allied with the enemy and is itself an enemy of those it instead ought to be defending: enemy of Christ and of those who glory in serving under His banner.

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Your Latin Mass parish is growing. So what?


Immediately following the publication of Traditionis Cojones, a hue and cry rang out from the depths of the so-called traditionalist movement (more appropriately, the tradservative movement):

But the Latin Mass parishes are thriving! In many dioceses, they’re the only ones that are growing! Not only that, they are full of young families with lots of children, while the typical Novus Ordo parish is overwhelmingly octogenarian and female! 

What those who joined in the chorus failed to appreciate is the degree to which they had allowed themselves to get trapped within the snares of the Devil.

In his letter to bishops accompanying Traditionis Cojones, the Evil One’s righthand man shared what led to his decision to make the Novus Ordo Missae “the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite [sic],” writing:

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Op-Ed: “Traditionis Custodes: Vatican II at the Throes of Death”


Father Claude Barthe

September 2021

The non-reception of the Second Vatican Council has focused in a concrete way on the refusal of the liturgical reform, even if a certain number of practitioners of the old Mass affirm their adherence to the “well interpreted” conciliar intuitions. In any case, the existence of the traditional liturgy is a persistent and even growing phenomenon of non-reception. Marginal? Pope Bergoglio, who wants to be the pope of the full realization of Vatican II, has come to be convinced that the phenomenon is sufficiently important that he must work to eradicate it. With the consequence that the possibly marginal has certainly become central: the Tridentine Mass is elevated as the evil to be destroyed; the seminaries training priests to say it, as cankers to be eliminated. And this is business as usual.

A return to the original violence of the liturgical reform

So the Mass is once again outlawed, as it was under Paul VI. The letter that accompanies Traditionis custodes explains unambiguously the ultimate goal of the pontifical text: to ensure “a return to a unitary form of celebration”: the new liturgy. The decision is brutal and peremptory: the pope decides both the end of the traditional Mass and the end of the traditional world, which he accuses – and only he! – of attacking the unity of the Church.

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More evidence the so called vaccine harms more people than it helps

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LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here. 

(LifeSiteNews) – Several physicians and other medical experts slammed COVID-19 vaccines and calls for mass COVID vaccination at an FDA meeting on booster shots last week. The experts, including a top Johnson & Johnson researcher, warned that the shots “kill more people than they save” and pose a “clear and present danger” of creating coronavirus variants.

The FDA vaccine advisory committee’s booster shot hearing on Friday featured hours of testimony ahead of a 16-2 vote against the Biden administration’s plan to roll out third doses of the Pfizer vaccine for “fully vaccinated” Americans. The booster program, which may launch as early as this week, despite the FDA vote, has already spurred multiple resignations of top FDA officials.

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Oh Look, Ronald McDonald just grew horns and a tail!

This piece stuck home for me.  Back in the 1990s I worked for a company McDonald’s gleefully threw under the bus, Illinois range company in Mt. Prospect Illinois.  Of course it was IRC fault on this.  McDonald’s built the company back in the 50’s/60’s.  We fabricated all the stainless steel kitchen equipment.  We got lazy and put all of our eggs in Ronald’s basket.  Then in the 90’s they pulled the plug, no more orders and they wound up putting about 100 people out on the street.   So do I despise McDonalds?  Hell Yes!  Besides their foods are basically high caloric garbage anyway.    Shhhhh but I do like their fries and big mac, and do sneak there on rare occasions.  NO MORE!  Yep!  No more of their junk food for me and you should consider that too.  A little  work but much cheaper you can get yourself some ground beef, make your own patties and have a healthier meal.  My gosh, I was there a couple weeks ago and got a big mac and small fries and swore the bill was comparable to lunch at Chez Paul’s!  After I found this bit below,  NO MORE McDONALDS FOR ME, NOT EVER!!!!!!

Elderly woman at McDonald’s No papers, No Food

News on the Net imageBy  — Emad Guirguis MD (@emadguirguismd)——September 22, 2021

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Archbishop Viganò: Vaccines made with fetal tissue are a ‘human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan’

Below is the excerpt of Archbishop Viganò’s foreword to the book Mors Tua Vita Mea, published with kind permission by Professor Massimo Viglione:

Aures habent, et non audient.
Ps 113

The barbarism in which our society finds itself is now evident: its values have been gradually erased as hateful vestiges of an extinct world, to the advantage of the delusions of globalist ideology, which shows itself to be ever more anti-human, anti-religious, and antichristic. The most antithetical principle of this infernal barbarism with respect to Christian civilization is infanticide, the human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan; and despite the horror of seeing it brazenly admitted, we cannot be surprised if abortion is proposed by the Satanists as a true and proper religious rite, to which protection must be given in the name of freedom of worship. The ancient pagan rituals – omnes dii gentium demonia, says the Psalm – live again today in the sacrificial offering that unfortunate mothers believe can be claimed as a right.

If the firstborn of Israel belong to the Lord, the simia Dei demands much more of the firstborn and even claims them through the pharmaceutical companies that use fetal tissue from abortions to manufacture a so-called vaccine that is presented in the delirium of Covid-19 as a sacrament of salvation by which one is incorporated into the “mystical body” of Satan, the globalist anti-church. On the other hand, the “liturgical” connotation of the pandemic intentionally echoes signs and symbols proper to the True Religion in such a way as to deceive even the simple and push them to conform to a collective cult that exempts them from making decisions independently and binds them to an uncritical obedience. We cannot forget the funeral processions of military trucks, the contradictory and intolerant attitude of the Covid priests, the health magisterium of the “experts,” the inquisition against the denier “heretics,” and the fideistic adherence to the most grotesque superstitions passed off as science by virologist sorcerers and television vestals.

The gene serum that is called a vaccine, as scientists and specialists have very well demonstrated and as its producers themselves admit, does not guarantee immunity; it does not rule out serious short-term and long-term side effects; it is not effective against certain variants of Covid; it does not eliminate the need for masks and social distancing; in the majority of cases the number of positive tests increases, and so media terrorism and the tightening of containment measures also increases. Proposed as a panacea, the so-called “vaccine” has turned out only to be the source of enormous, scandalous profits for Big Pharma and, at the same time, serves as a pretext to impose health passports and other systems for controlling the masses and limiting natural liberties.

But alongside this obvious uselessness of the “vaccine” – a uselessness that any doctor not subservient to the system would have considered from the beginning, since the Corona viruses are susceptible to mutation – we cannot fail to see how instrumental it is, precisely in its “mystical” value, to the collective acceptance of human sacrifice as normal and indeed necessary: the most innocent and defenseless creature, the baby in the womb in the third month of gestation, is sacrificed and dismembered in order to extract tissue from his still palpitating body with which to produce a non-cure, a non-vaccine, which not only does not heal from the virus, but in all likelihood causes a greater percentage of death than Covid itself, especially in the elderly or those who are sick.

But who are the mothers who, denying their very nature, agree to kill their own child? The majority of them are women in their first pregnancy, unaware of the horror they are about to commit and the remorse that will accompany them forever. Here are the first-born to be consecrated to Satan: the children of unfortunate mothers and spoiled girls, who discover what it means to be mothers precisely in not wanting to be so, instead perverting their femininity by reducing it to a bargaining chip or an instrument of ephemeral enjoyment, in the name of rights which they claim for themselves but which they permit themselves to deny to the creatures they carry in their womb. The non serviam repeats itself inexorably every time the obedience of the fiat is refused and the will of the Almighty is rebelled against.

Great confusion reigns in this painful phase of the history of the Church: the inaction or abuse of the authority of the Hierarchy, along with the betrayal of so many false pastors and mercenaries, does not help to dispel the confusion of the faithful, and indeed the Shepherds even feed the confusion with partial, discordant and contradictory directions. In this too we can realize the gravity of the situation, and how much the defection of the Pastors is a necessary premise for the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist. If the Pope and the Bishops had a minimum of fear of God, they would not try to justify with unworthy sophistry a vaccine that in order to be produced requires stem cells obtained from voluntarily aborted fetuses. The pretium sanguinis would be enough to make them not even take it into consideration, but perhaps among the beneficiaries of that pretium there are also Prelates who care more about the hypocritical praise of the enemies of Christ than the heroic witness of the Faith. […]

Vatican two, it must be the junk yard for you!

Two of the Catholic bloggers I always read and enjoy are Mundabor and Ann Barnhardt.  The reason is neither is politically correct or care to be.  They tell you what they think and how they feel and if you don’t like it tough!  That I like and that I can identify with not that I always find myself agreeing with them.

Today Mundabor made a very interesting statement.  The article was “I am a Catholic!  Of course I wish for Francis to Die!”.  

In all honesty that is a thought that has been in the back of head for years now.  As Francis continues to get more unhinged, that thought is coming out in the open for me.  Friends in the SSPX resistance have told me they are convinced that Francis goal is to destroy not only the Latin mass but all of Catholicism as well.  Back when we had good pope’s, those before Vatican II, they maintained that a man can not be a socialist and Catholic as well.  Bergoglio the Argentinian socialist is proof positive of that.

Mundabor is totally correct in his wish for Francis demise.  We all should be, at least those of us still practicing Catholics.  Its only natural that for the protection of our valuables, in this case Holy Mother Church, we SHOULD desire that the attacker be removed, even if by death.  So then wishing our Lord would “take him out” is a good thing which he will do in his own good time.  Wishing for and NOT praying for, there is a difference.  I am sure Francis has an important roll in what the Holy Spirit has planned for the church.  In this case its no doubt chastisement for what ever reason, Vatican II, failure to honor the request of Blessed Mother to consecrate Russia, Sodomy running a muck now being sanctioned by modernist clergy.  What a mess, but like Mundabor I do not wish him hell, I have never wished that on anyone in fact one of my prayer intentions I ask St. John Vianney to protect ALL Catholic priests and religious.  For the ones who have remained faithfull, send legions of Angels to protect them, for the ones who have fallen, of which Bergoglio is certainly one, forgiveness.

While we are on Vatican II something I need to get off my chest.  For the record I reject ALL of what came out of Vatican II.  Just shelf the damn thing and go back to the real church.  I know the Ecclesia Dei gang cringes at that.  “Oh no don’t say that, then they will think we are all like you”.  Ya?  Well guess what?  You should be!

I do like Michael Matt and I think his Remnant group has done a lot to make people aware of what has happened to the Catholic faith and his call to arms.  However sometime he blows in the wind.  I just saw one of his videos today where is is bashing what came out of Vatican II but how we don’t reject the council.  He went on to say we reject the people in the council.   Say what?  Is that not the same thing.  The people are the council so if you reject them you have to reject their group.  He went on to say the council reaffirmed some ancient Catholic beliefs.   So?  Big deal, what was the point of reaffirming them?  Did we need a council for that?  If we get rid of the council and all its work (kind of like baptism isn’t it?) Don’t those beliefs stay in tac.?  So again who needs the council?

I am going one step farther.  I used to contribute to the Ecclesia Dei group where I attend mass each Sunday.  No more, I will not contribute one red cent to any group where there is even the slightest possibility of the money winding up in the main stream Novus Ordo church.  Instead what I would give to them on Sundays I contribute to Fr. Hewko Marian corps.   One of the few places where I know it will foster true Catholicism and not some aging Argentinian hippy goal.   When will these groups finally find some of the backbone of Archbishop Lefebvre and say enough, we denounce Vatican II.  Only then will I resume contributing to these people.