More slime coming out of the Corona Virus, only this time its ordained!

Its not only the Pritzkers and Cuomo’s of the world to hold in contempt, in my church its slime like this so called Bishop. Keep it up guys, I am looking foreword to when your collection Baskets come back empty.

Wherein a Bishop Shows Utter Contempt for Traditional Catholics

Here is a dictate from the Bishop of Little Rock, Most Rev. Anthony B. Taylor, dated 7 May 2020 to his flock about reception of Communion on the tongue during this COVID-1984 time.

We’ve seen Bp. Taylor before, in 2016, when he wanted to impose only versus populum celebration of Mass on the diocese.  He appealed to the inexcusable mis-translation of GIRM 299, which had been patiently explained by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments (CDWDS).  HERE

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TAKE ACTION: Concerned Catholics should contact Bishop Taylor to let him know what you think about his dictate.

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor,
Bishop of Little Rock
2500 N. Tyler Street, Little Rock AR  72207
click on a link below to contact the bishop
This is PROOF Positive that we need to enact “Operation Pocketbook”  Cut out the above and drop it in Taylors collection baskets.

Censored Corona videos Youtube does not want you to see

The following videos were by doctors and scientists presenting a logical and alternative view of the handling of the Corona Hoax.  Youtube pulled these videos shortly after they were posted claiming they violated so call called community standards.  The standards were they were not walking lock step with the tyrannical liberals and Democrats who want to cripple our economy for a political agenda and are using the virus to these means.

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to Catholics and all people of good will

Veritas liberabit vos.
Jn 8:32

In this time of great crisis, we Pastors of the Catholic Church, by virtue of our mandate, consider it our sacred duty to make an Appeal to our Brothers in the Episcopate, to the Clergy, to Religious, to the holy People of God and to all men and women of good will. This Appeal has also been undersigned by intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, journalists and professionals who agree with its content, and may be undersigned by those who wish to make it their own.

The facts have shown that, under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, the inalienable rights of citizens have in many cases been violated and their fundamental freedoms, including the exercise of freedom of worship, expression and movement, have been disproportionately and unjustifiably restricted. Public health must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of millions of people around the world, let alone for depriving the civil authority of its duty to act wisely for the common good. This is particularly true as growing doubts emerge from several quarters about the actual contagiousness, danger and resistance of the virus. Many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine confirm that the media’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified.

We have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.

We also believe that in some situations the containment measures that were adopted, including the closure of shops and businesses, have precipitated a crisis that has brought down entire sectors of the economy. This encourages interference by foreign powers and has serious social and political repercussions. Those with governmental responsibility must stop these forms of social engineering, by taking measures to protect their citizens whom they represent, and in whose interests they have a serious obligation to act. Likewise, let them help the family, the cell of society, by not unreasonably penalizing the weak and elderly, forcing them into a painful separation from their loved ones. The criminalization of personal and social relationships must likewise be judged as an unacceptable part of the plan of those who advocate isolating individuals in order to better manipulate and control them.

We ask the scientific community to be vigilant, so that cures for Covid-19 are offered in honesty for the common good. Every effort must be made to ensure that shady business interests do not influence the choices made by government leaders and international bodies. It is unreasonable to penalize those remedies that have proved to be effective, and are often inexpensive, just because one wishes to give priority to treatments or vaccines that are not as good, but which guarantee pharmaceutical companies far greater profits, and exacerbate public health expenditures. Let us also remember, as Pastors, that for Catholics it is morally unacceptable to develop or use vaccines derived from material from aborted fetuses.

We also ask government leaders to ensure that forms of control over people, whether through tracking systems or any other form of location-finding, are rigorously avoided. The fight against Covid-19, however serious, must not be the pretext for supporting the hidden intentions of supranational bodies that have very strong commercial and political interests in this plan. In particular, citizens must be given the opportunity to refuse these restrictions on personal freedom, without any penalty whatsoever being imposed on those who do not wish to use vaccines, contact tracking or any other similar tool. Let us also consider the blatant contradiction of those who pursue policies of drastic population control and at the same time present themselves as the savior of humanity, without any political or social legitimacy. Finally, the political responsibility of those who represent the people can in no way be left to “experts” who can indeed claim a kind of immunity from prosecution, which is disturbing to say the least.

We strongly urge those in the media to commit themselves to providing accurate information and not penalizing dissent by resorting to forms of censorship, as is happening widely on social media, in the press and on television. Providing accurate information requires that room be given to voices that are not aligned with a single way of thinking. This allows citizens to consciously assess the facts, without being heavily influenced by partisan interventions. A democratic and honest debate is the best antidote to the risk of imposing subtle forms of dictatorship, presumably worse than those our society has seen rise and fall in the recent past.

Finally, as Pastors responsible for the flock of Christ, let us remember that the Church firmly asserts her autonomy to govern, worship, and teach. This autonomy and freedom are an innate right that Our Lord Jesus Christ has given her for the pursuit of her proper ends. For this reason, as Pastors we firmly assert the right to decide autonomously on the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments, just as we claim absolute autonomy in matters falling within our immediate jurisdiction, such as liturgical norms and ways of administering Communion and the Sacraments. The State has no right to interfere, for any reason whatsoever, in the sovereignty of the Church. Ecclesiastical authorities have never refused to collaborate with the State, but such collaboration does not authorize civil authorities to impose any sort of ban or restriction on public worship or the exercise of priestly ministry. The rights of God and of the faithful are the supreme law of the Church, which she neither intends to, nor can, abdicate. We ask that restrictions on the celebration of public ceremonies be removed.

We should like to invite all people of good will not to shirk their duty to cooperate for the common good, each according to his or her own state and possibilities and in a spirit of fraternal charity. The Church desires such cooperation, but this cannot disregard either a respect for natural law or a guarantee of individual freedoms. The civil duties to which citizens are bound imply the State’s recognition of their rights.

We are all called to assess the current situation in a way consistent with the teaching of the Gospel. This means taking a stand: either with Christ or against Christ. Let us not be intimidated or frightened by those who would have us believe that we are a minority: Good is much more widespread and powerful than the world would have us believe. We are fighting against an invisible enemy that seeks to divide citizens, to separate children from their parents, grandchildren from their grandparents, the faithful from their pastors, students from teachers, and customers from vendors. Let us not allow centuries of Christian civilization to be erased under the pretext of a virus, and an odious technological tyranny to be established, in which nameless and faceless people can decide the fate of the world by confining us to a virtual reality. If this is the plan to which the powers of this earth intend to make us yield, know that Jesus Christ, King and Lord of History, has promised that “the gates of Hell shall not prevail” (Mt 16:18).

Let us entrust government leaders and all those who rule over the fate of nations to Almighty God, that He may enlighten and guide them in this time of great crisis. May they remember that, just as the Lord will judge us Pastors for the flock which he has entrusted to us, so will He also judge government leaders for the peoples whom they have the duty to defend and govern.

With faith, let us beseech the Lord to protect the Church and the world. May the Blessed Virgin, Help of Christians, crush the head of the ancient Serpent and defeat the plans of the children of darkness.

8 May 2020

Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii

Add your name to the “Appeal for the Church and the World” statement by clicking here.



This “magical thinking” crap has GOT to be confronted and defeated.


Here’s the deal, over the transom from multiple RNs.

Hello Ann,

I listened to your Podcast Episode #110. Wonderful as always, and strengthens my resolve and fight. Thank you. One thing I don’t think people know about masking is that when we don a mask if we have any virus we breathe it back inside over and over again increasing viral load and weakening our own immunity, so we get sicker, which seems to be the point.

I’m an RN, graduated 2002 from (major, redacted) school of nursing. When i started my career as an ER nurse, one requirement was TB mask fitting. They fit a duck bill mask to your face and put a plastic cylinder with a vent opening over your head and sprayed a concentrated sucrose mist.  If you could taste just a bit of sweetness through mask, you were at risk for contracting TB. So again, what the hell are cloth or surgical masks gonna do?… umm make ourselves sick – that’s it. Any honest doctor/nurse/scientist/virologist knows this mask thing is bullshit.

God bless Ann keep it up. Thank you.

Second opinion?  Sure, try a super-high-level surgical nurse in a major metro hospital:

Yes, for a mask to protect you it HAS to be fit tested.
So this person is CORRECT.
So the fit test: you put on an N95, they stick a hood over your head with a hole in it. In the hole goes an inhaler type thing and they spray a sucrose solution. If the mask fits properly, you won’t be able to taste the sucrose. I had an N95 on that wasn’t fitting properly and I could totally taste that crap🤢. So I went thru some N95s til they found one that fit properly.
Bottom line – if it isn’t fit tested then there’s no guarantee that the “viral particles” are being filtered out. So this mask wearing that we are all “required” to do is…..wait for it….BEE ESS.

I laugh when I see the general public wearing N95s they bought a Homo Depot. Unless you fit test it (an N95), you have no idea if it’s actually “working”.🙄

It’s all a mind game.

And remember, folks, this ONLY applies to N95-level masks.  Putting a few ridiculous layers of gauze, or even more ridiculously, FASHION FABRIC (I’ve even seen DENIM – that’s just going to give you elevated Carbon Dioxide levels – absolutely STUPID.  Carbon Dioxide inhalation is a common method of stunning hogs at slaughter) serves ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER EXCEPT to signal TOTAL SUBMISSION TO THE LIE and to THE TOTALITARIAN REGIME.

It isn’t a “sanitary barrier.” It doesn’t block viruses, and certainly not this common cold virus.  COLD VIRUSES CANNOT BE CONTAINED ANY MORE THAN MANKIND CAN AFFECT THE GLOBAL WEATHER. Such a contention is PURE, HUBRISTIC, LYING BULLSHIT.

Yes. He is wearing a menstruation napkin on his face. And we wonder why civilization is auto-imploding.

God engineered into our bodies the one and only way to combat a cold virus: HERD IMMUNITY, and the HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM.  He gave us what we need.





Finally, let me just put out there the call for one and all to sit in stillness and think about the intense psycho-spiritual damage that is being done to CHILDREN with each passing day that this facemask psy-op goes on.  How many children are now deeply terrified of OTHER HUMAN BEINGS in se, because of this, with the mask being a visible, frightening vector of this terror?

How many children are right now, as we speak, telling themselves internally, in simple, childish terms that they themselves could not yet articulate, but feel with tremendous force, that OTHER PEOPLE ARE SOMETHING BAD, AND THAT TO LOVE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IS SOMETHING BAD THAT THEY MUST NEVER DO? Because other human beings are dangerous and will hurt you if you get anywhere near them.

In case you are new around here, what I just described is EXACTLY the making of a Diabolical Narcissist: a human being that FREELY CHOOSES to purge love from their soul.  “I will not love.”

This mask crap is the largest, fastest Diabolical Narcissist formation operation EVER executed.  This is satan declaring TOTAL WAR on children, especially (and he will snare many adults in this net, too.) Because the drag queen story hours weren’t getting it done QUITE fast enough, and time, it seems, if of the essence for lucifer and the host of hell.

I hope this helps.



Hi Ann,

In reference to this post:

You can add a firefighter to your list of check-ins. One of my jobs over the course of my career was to perform the fit tests your nurses are talking about. There are two types of fit tests. Qualitative, which is the one the nurse described where we place a hood over your head and spray bitter solution to see if you can detect it. This, by the way, is the less-effective test. The gold standard would be the quantitative test. This test actually measures the air inside your mask compared to the ambient air where a steady stream of salt particulates are released, and gives you a fit factor based on the amount of particulates it detects inside your mask. It is far more effective.

Having conducted countless N95 quantitative tests for medics on base when I was still in the military, I can echo that not being fit tested for an N95 pretty much renders it useless.

The proper fit varies from person to person not only by size of the mask, but by brand. So you can’t just say you need a medium, but a medium in brand X. So optimally, your employer would have to buy the right size and right brand for each employee that they attained an acceptable fit factor in. Good luck with that. N95’s are probably the hardest masks to get a proper fit on.

This is all smoke and mirrors.

Omnium Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


Texas Judge proves unworthy to be referred to as “Your Honor”, like most judges he has none

From Breitbart:

A Dallas hair salon owner who defied a Coronavirus lockdown order will spend seven days in jail, according to a local news report. The salon owner refused to keep her business closed and defied a direct cease and desist order from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins in April.

The move to fine and incarcerate Luther comes on the same day that Governor Greg Abbott announced that hair salons will be able to re-open on Friday, May 8.

In April, Salon Á la Mode owner Shelley Luther re-opened her hair salon in defiance of orders by the county that she remained closed, Breitbart Texas reported on April 25. “Every owner of every salon should use their own best judgement when to reopen,” the Texas governor said during a press conference that occurred at the same time the fine and jail sentence were announced in Dallas.

The Judges name is Dallas County judge Clay Jenkins, naturally a democrat, you know the same political party hell bent of destroying the economy just to get rid of Trump.

What is most outrageous is that this so called judge said his goal was to humiliate her demanding she apologize to the community.  What liberal Bull Crap!

Here is a picture of the faggot looking Clay Jenkins Democrat. By the looks of him this ruling was probably in retaliation of all the wedgies he must of got in high school

Shelly’s fund me page is well underway with a total donations of excess of 166.000 dollars and climbing.  To donate please go here

I hope Shelly uses part of the money to fund this clowns opponent next election.

Excellent Sermon from St. Gertrude the Great this morning!

I listened to this excellent sermon this morning from Bishop Dolan at St. Gertrude (please do not confuse him with the modernist Dolan in New York).

This sermon is the light going on with the truth behind the Corona virus and how it is being used to forbid us Catholics from worship.  Its part of the New World Ordo George Bush was so excited about.


Illinois “Fats” Pritzker, “My family is above the law”

As Illinois Governor “Spaulding” continues his effort to destroy all businesses in Illinois his wife has fled to their equestrian estate in Florida.  Florida by the way is a Republican run state who’s governor has said he will not use draconian measures found in other states in dealing with the virus.  The Prizker family motto is “Do as I say don’t do as I do”.

Illinois voters (Northern Illinois, NOT the folks down state) are in a class by themselves, if you run a corpse on the ballot and put a “D” behind the name he, she, or it will easily win the election.  Its like the line from Blues Brothers, “We don’t know any of these songs”, “This means nothing, play a standard set”.   Or in the words of a beer gutted Illinois public sector worker told me, “Dis is Illinois buddy”.  You got that right, statistically the public union sector workers far out number the private sector manufacturing workers.  Illinois Fats is just appealing to his base.  The uneducated sheep.

Like most Democrats Illinois Fats does not have a clue on what makes an economy run.  The Pritzker Hotel Empire was built by his parents and grandparents, all Spaulding knows how to do is to spend money.  Remember that 50 dollar purchase of fudge on the campaign trail that he scarfed down in about 5 minutes time?

The model Fats uses for Illinois government walks lock step with what is going on in North Korea.  Hell with the constitution I’ll do what I want, shove it down the peoples throats and tell them its for their own good because they are too stupid to run their own lives.  Problem is in Illinois it works, the sheep buy it.  After all he has a 69% approval rating.  I don’t know if its the same outfit that predicted a Hillary win by a landslide in 2016.

By the numbers Governor Spauldings statistics looks good, unemployment thru the roof, people wanted to leave Illinois now at 50% and will more than likely rise.  I just hope the people that voted that clown in and don’t move to other states where they can vote in the same garbage.  Taxes are also on the rise.  Our fat sack of dung governor does have a plan.  Use the corona virus to bail out Illinois for all the years of mismanagement.  Thank God president Trump is NOT buying it.

Illinois Fats Pritzker’s model for government, same jackboot of total control over peoples lives and an uncontrollable lust for power and a supersized order at the drive thru.

Demand an End to COVID-19 Tyranny

Demand an End to COVID-19 Tyranny
Demand an End to COVID-19 Tyranny
Written By David E. Smith   |   04.29.20

On March 9, Governor J.B. Pritzker issued his first “stay-at-home” emergency Executive Order (EO). That was followed by another EO extending his stay-at-home order through April 30th. Then last week, Gov. Pritzker extended his stay-at-home order for another 30 days, through the end of May. If not extended again, that would constitute a total of 11 weeks of a lock-down for Illinois residents and businesses.

Since Illinois law only grants the governor emergency authority for a period of 30 days, the extensions of Gov. Pritzker’s “stay-at-home” order, which closes businesses and forbids church services and assemblies in excess of ten citizens, constitutes an overreach of executive authority. Thankfully, State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) took Gov. Pritzker to court over this very issue and won an important decision that may lead to a definitive strike-down of the governor’s dangerous precedent. In fact, Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney was reported as saying that Gov. Pritzker’s “subsequent executive orders ‘shredded the Constitution.’” The governor has promised to appeal this decision, so it may not be resolved anytime soon.

Gov. Pritzker and state lawmakers need to hear from their constituents about the abuse of power and the infringement of our civil liberties.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send a message to Gov. Pritzker and your state lawmakers asking them to end the lock-down and restore our civil liberties. Consider pointing out that our First Amendment rights to freely exercise our religion and to assemble in our churches are essential.


In fairness to Gov. Prizker, the state’s initial response was part of his administrative effort to slow the spread of the disease and “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 hospitalizations. Yet over the past 6 weeks we have learned a lot about the COVID-19 pandemic. For one thing, the initial government predictions of hospitalizations and deaths were wrong. Thank God that these projections have been repeatedly revised downward but, unfortunately, not before contributing to the incitement of great fear and anxiety.

In Illinois, we have not come close to exceeding hospitalization and healthcare capacity. An excellent article by Wirepoints provides evidence of the adequacy of ICU bed capacity and ventilator availability.

Three weeks ago, Governor Pritzker stood before the media complaining about the Trump administration and our great need for ventilators, ICU beds, and other medical equipment. He was wrong. Illinois didn’t use half of the available ventilators and only two-thirds of available hospital beds.

The facts that have emerged over the past few weeks do not warrant Gov. Pritzker’s extended “stay-at-home” order. So, it is not surprising that his announced plans to extend the Illinois lock-down through the end of May is provoking a growing “enough is enough” response.

This past Friday, Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-McHenry) issued a press release publicly asking,

Has the Governor lost his mind! How in the world could he possibly think of continuing a statewide lockdown when Cook County and Chicago are 70% of the positive cases, while 84 counties have less than 100 positives of which 75 have less than 50 positives. Just what will it take to convince Pharaoh Pritzker to let people in most of Illinois go!

Additionally, an Illinois Appellate Prosecutors Office’s staff memo sent by David J. Robinson, Chief Deputy Director of the 102 State’s Attorneys across Illinois are forewarned of possible litigation:

A cursory review of the EO (and extension) reveal clear – although potentially justified – infringements on the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens. See Article I, §2 (the State due process clause); Article I, §3 (religious freedom, including “mode of worship” protection); Article I, §5 (right to assemble and petition); Article I, §15 (right of eminent domain); and Article I, §24 (rights retained).

Article I, §23 also specifically accounts for citizen’s being responsible for their actions to preserve liberty, as follows: “A frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of civil government is necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty. These blessings cannot endure unless the people recognize their corresponding individual obligations and responsibilities.” Implicit in §23 is idea that emergencies may require adherence to individual responsibility rather than suspension of Constitutional rights.

From a strict enforcement standpoint, although well-intentioned on an emergency basis, the EO is very broad and does not appear to meet strict scrutiny – this is not to mention the EO appears to be beyond the framework of the specific Act it cites as support.

Illinoisans must awaken to the truth: the governor’s edicts infringe on our God-given, unalienable rights as set forth in our federal and state constitutions.

This didn’t just happen over the past 2-3 months. We are in this situation because the church has been AWOL. It is a result of decades of apathy on the part of Christians. Christians have been unwilling to get involved in the public square. Even when it comes to elections, a woefully high percentage of Christians fail to vote. Add to that the fact that we have self-identifying Christians who support big government, pro-abortion candidates, and you have the swampy stew in which we marinate.

Calls and email messages to state lawmakers are vital. Too many politicians are keeping their heads down and have not challenged the abuse of power by the Pritzker administration. They are simply afraid of the media and the negative coverage they may receive as a result of being outspoken. Calls to these lawmakers are needed to get them off the sideline and into the fray. They need to be emboldened.

Our grand experiment in liberty, built firmly on Judeo/Christian (biblical) truths and values, calls for servant leaders whose fallen human natures were reined in by a system of checks and balances. Let’s return to that vision and fight for the liberty our forefathers bled and died for.

Now is not the time for silence but for mighty prayers and action.