The Corona Hoax, its not about public safety, its all about control, PERIOD!

Rahm Emanual, “Never let a good crises go to waste”, how true and the Democrat socialists are taking full advantage of that. First they want to see just how far they can go in taking away our constitutional rights. So far that looks to be limitless, just like the movie animal house, “Thank you sir may I have another”.

I don’t care what they say the Corona is basically the flu except less people die from Corona than any flue epidemic. Corona has a 97% recovery rate, seasonal flue has a lower rate of recovery. The myth of the deadly virus has to be perpetuated so the socialists can take full control.

Covid – 19 is more like Charlie the Tuna as opposed to Jaws

You see the way they make it appear to be a pandemic is to “cook the books”.  A 66 year old women on a cruise ship had the virus.  It was so mild she said she felt a little uncomfortable and sniffly but only lasted a day yet it was still the Corona.  Nationwide if anyone dies of anything and there is shown to be corona in the system cause of death is Corona related.  That means if I had this mild case and got run over by a bus my death would be corona related.  Ann Barnhardt had a good piece on that.  

Tucker Carlson said on his show that the mayor of Los Angeles with decreasing cases of the virus has even clamped down harder. Anyone leaving the house must wear a mask and the city is in full lock down. He even has a new decree, you can only walk on wet sand, but its illegal to walk on dry sand. SAY WHAT??!!! As with all socialist democrats there IS a motive. Full dictatorial control indefinitely. There is a growing number of people dissatisfied with these tyrannical actions, but are held powerless. There is an attempt to recall the mayor under California law. They need to collect something like 300,000 petition signatures, however, the Megalomaniac, Eric Garcetti the compulsive hand washing Mayor with the stay home order prohibits anyone to go out collecting signatures. That is the basic handbook of any dictator!

Illinois Fats Pritzker enjoys a light Lunch

In Illinois we have our own problem and its called Illinois Fats Pritzker. He is using the fake virus to bilk funds from the feral government. If he can keep Illinois closed for a few more months he can crash its economy. The food service industry is already on life support. Once the economy crashes he can hit the feds for bail out funding to pay off years of Democrap mismanagement and their out of control public pensions. People are starting to wake up here, Kane county sheriff has said they will not enforce Pritzkers unconstitutional mandates. He is being joined by other county sheriffs and county businessmen to reopen despite our Stalin like clone.

The governor of New Jersey, another democrat said he was not thinking about constitutional rights in his decisions. I don’t think that was true, he was thinking about rights……………how to take them away that is. He is now being sued by Father Kevin Robinson of the SSPX to reopen the churches calling them an essential industry. To the socialist democrats it is essential in that they need to crush the churches, that is what the communists did when they took power in Russia, the churches were closed and taken over by the government.

Then there is the never ending joke of how this whole thing is being managed. First Dr. Mangeles, er ah, Fauci, I mean Fauci goes on 60 minutes and says masks don’t do any good, in fact they could do more harm than good. Now he is saying everyone should wear one. He even sported one himself that looked like a double D cup size. Other professionals with opinions opposite to Fauci and his gang are being silenced such as the two EMT’s who’s video was pulled off of youtube. We do have the video here by the way.

Pizza Delivery, who ordered the Supreme?

I stopped by a fast food restaurant for the first time last week since the corona hoax began. You would swear they were making weapons grade Plutonium in there. There is an extra glass shield on the driveup window, the attendant has on a mask and rubber gloves and hands you a plastic cup to put your money in. Your change comes out in another plastic cup and finally your food in a paper bag is handed to you in a plastic box. Hmmmm and where did my 20 dollar bill go that I handled without a mask and with bare hands go? Right in the cash drawer with all the so called clean bills. Today there was a line of cars at least 4 blocks long heading for the bible thumping born again church down the street for a free mask. I guess they don’t believe in the power of God, just like our Cardinal Cupich who said prayer can not stop the virus. If you think God is pissed, I totally agree!

I just want to get out of Illinois and away from all these sheep. Heading for South Dakota were the sane people live along with a down to earth governor who actually believes in the constitution and people rights. She even expressed her fear of all the rights people are giving up over this nonsense.

Today I took down my Betsy Ross flag and replaced it with the George Washington Cruiser flag.  “An Appeal to Heaven”, not for protection from the virus, but for protection from Democrat politicians.

The George Washington Cruiser flag. An Appeal to Heaven meant that without God the British tyrants under king George could never be defeated. Now we appeal to God in Heaven to save us from the Tyrants called the Democrat Party.

Finally a way to shut up Fauci!


RUSH: Look at this. There’s a Rose Garden ceremony right now, and Dr. Fauci is standing behind Trump, for the first time wearing a mask. (interruption)

I know the media jumped on him, but the mask is a symbol of fear. They’re using the mask as a symbol of fear, and now Dr. Fauci — the world’s foremost authority — obviously he’s gotta be scared! It’s gotta be worse than Dr. Fauci thought. He’s wearing a mask! That’s the message conveyed by the photo.


RUSH: All right. The Rose Garden press availability today, whatever it is, the president’s announcing Operation Warp Speed. And he said, for those of you in Rio Linda, it means it’s big and it’s fast. Well, he didn’t say, “for those of you in Rio Linda,” but he said it means big and it’s fast. He’s appointing some czar to come up with a coronavirus vaccine, he hopes, by the end of the year. Gonna be working on it very rapidly, very quickly, have been working on it. Feels really good that it’s gonna happen sooner than anybody thinks. Hopes to get it done by the end of the year. In addition, new therapies, therapeutic advancements. Treatments, in other words.

So the effort here that the White House is engaged in is to send the signal that they’re on top of this. They are not relaxing or wasting any time and they’re dead serious about the notion of a vaccine. The vaccine, that’s a tricky thing, it’s a tricky thing to commit to. This is the second time the president has said that he hopes they can get one done by the end of the year. That would be fabulous if something could actually happen.


Dr. Fauci is positioned right behind President Trump’s left shoulder wearing a gigantic mask. It looks like Dr. Fauci has been muzzled. He’s not gonna like the image this conveys.


RUSH: He’s announcing essentially Operation Warp Speed, which is the administration’s official announcement of the objective to find a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of the year. And he has appointed a former executive from GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company, to head up the effort.

In addition, he’s got some military people in there, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And they’re all making trips to the microphone to speak and to thank the president, talk about the great leadership, the great motivation that he is providing in this effort. And standing behind the president — this cannot be an accident. They stage these things. And standing behind the president as the president’s speaking at the microphone, behind the president, over his left shoulder, is Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci’s wearing one of the biggest masks I have ever seen in my life. It goes all the way from the bridge of his nose almost down to his tie knot. There is just about an inch of skin there on his neck that is exposed. I mean, just as a casual the observer, when the president’s speaking the only other person in the camera shot is Dr. Fauci, and it looks like he’s being muzzled. You can’t read his facial expression. Dr. Fauci has said a vaccine, well, may never be a vaccine. Maybe 12 to 18 months at the outside.

Fauci’s standing there listening to this commitment to come up with a vaccine by the end of the year, which is six months from now, seven months. And I would love — he’s not rolling his eyes, and he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t engage in a public display of doubt like that, but still, it’s a fascinating shot.

They keep moving the goalposts as to when we can reopen. First they said we had to flatten the curve. We flattened the curve. Then said, “Well, that’s not enough. Now we gotta do X. Get more testing out there.” So then we got more testing than any country in the world. It’s still not enough. We need to do this. And so when we did the next thing and finished, that’s still not enough. We can’t go out ’til there’s a cure. We can’t open up ’til there’s a vaccine.

So at every stage where they have said we could relax some of these restrictions, we have met those requirements, and the proponents of the lockdown want stay locked down.


RUSH: I’ll get back to the phones here quickly, but I want to play a sound bite for you. President Trump at the White House Rose Garden just moments ago talking about Operation Warp Speed, the attempt to get a vaccine developed by the end of the year.

THE PRESIDENT: Now we’re combining all of these amazing strengths for the most aggressive vaccine project in history. There’s never been a vaccine project anywhere in history like this.

RUSH: Of course not.

THE PRESIDENT: And I just want to make something clear.

RUSH: Never!

THE PRESIDENT: It’s very important.

RUSH: Never.

THE PRESIDENT: Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back —

RUSH: There we go.

THE PRESIDENT: — and we’re starting the process. We haven’t seen anything like this in a hundred-and-some-odd years, 1917.

RUSH: Never. Like ever.

THE PRESIDENT: You fight through it and people sometimes — I guess we don’t know exactly yet, but — it looks like they become immune or at least for a short while, and maybe for life. But you fight through it.

RUSH: There he is. He’s alluding to herd immunity. It’s the last thing that Dr. Fauci wants to hear. So Trump dances around it, while Fauci can’t say a word ’cause he’s muzzled in this gigantic mask standing right behind… (laughing) It’s probably unfair of me to characterize it that way. It’s just how it looked, you know? It’s all it is.


RUSH: Very quickly, grab sound bite number 26. The subject of the masks. A lot of people at the Rose Garden ceremony today were wearing masks. The Scarf Queen was wearing a mask. By the way, the Scarf Queen’s scarf went all the way down to her knees today. Did you see that?

(interruption) Well, it did. I mean, I’m sorry for pointing it out, but it did, and then Fauci’s mask looked like a bib. And then a bunch of other people were wearing masks. The president was asked about it by a CNN infobabe. “Mr. President, can you just clarify? Why are some of you wearing a mask and some of you are not?”

THE PRESIDENT: We’ve all been tested. I’ve been tested. We’ve all been tested, and we’re quite a distance away, and we’re outdoors. So I told them — I gave them the option — they could wear it or not. So you can blame it on me. But I gave them the option. We could wear it or not.

RUSH: Yeah. So there you have it. Mike Pence will be here about 10 minutes at 1:45 p.m.

Oh, a program note: Folks, it’s back to the treatment rigors for me on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m gonna be out Monday and Tuesday. We have guest hosts Mark Steyn and Ken Matthews. Look, it’s always possible that something happens that I’ll be out Wednesday too. But the intention’s Monday, Tuesday, 50-50 on Wednesday. We’ll see how things go.


I live in Kane County and all I can say is THANK YOU SHERIFF HAIN!  I did not vote for the man last time but next election election I sure will

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain issued a news release this morning (Thursday, May 14, 2020) stating his position that the Sheriff’s Office will not take enforcement action against any person or entity that violates Gov. JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order and other executive orders.

Hain said members of the community are becoming “anxious to return to some normalcy,” and the Sheriff’s Office has received numerous inquiries about how it will respond to apparent violations of the governor’s executive orders.

“It is clear that deputies do not have immunity if they attempt to enforce the orders, and there is no legislated law that applies to the violation of the orders,” Hain said. “Therefore, sheriff’s deputies will not be taking enforcement action against any one person or entity for order violations, without the issuance of a judicial order.

Hain said U.S. Attorney General William Barr made a clear statement that the Constitution is not suspended in a state of emergency.

“I was elected and took an oath, as all of our deputies have taken an oath, to protect the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Illinois,” he said.

Hain added, however, that now is not a time to test law enforcement or challenge the governor’s direction with blatant and egregious activity that may be harmful to society.

“It is a time to view this as a global health concern and to act in the best interest of your fellow citizens,” Hain said.

Hain said sheriff’s deputies will continue to serve in new, varying humanitarian related roles, such as caring for the homeless, supporting quarantined seniors, and networking with business owners to help them make proper safeguards to continue their operations while mitigating the spread of the virus.

“I do recommend businesses consult with their attorney if they are licensed through the state of Illinois, as there may be penalties issued against them if the state determines some level of violation,” Hain said.

The sheriff suggested that people and businesses may also want to research their liability if they host events or gatherings and risk exposure.

“We are hoping that our entire community views their obligation to their fellow mankind in the same regard,” Hain said. “If we all work through this together, we will come out much better on the other end.”

SOURCE: Kane County Sheriff’s Office news release

Nancy Pelosi’s left-wing wish list

If House Democrats are focused on helping Americans get through this global pandemic safely, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest extravagant, $3 trillion spending proposal is Washington at its worst—and most predictable. While President Trump, governors of both parties, and frontline workers band together to fight this virus as one country, House Democrats see an opportunity to exploit this crisis to pass their partisan agenda.

Millions of Americans are out of work. President Trump is trying to get them back on the job by safely reopening our country. Instead of helping him do it, here is what Democrats in Congress have decided is worth holding Coronavirus relief hostage for:

  • A BAN on information about low-cost health insurance. That’s right—House Democrats want to forbid the government from sharing any information with you about lower-cost health options such as association plans or short-term plans. Even as families try to cope with job and wage losses, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t want them to learn about options that are up to 60 percent cheaper than Obamacare.
  • Mass voting by mail. A “Coronavirus relief” bill might seem like the wrong time and place to dictate how states run their elections. Democrats disagree.
  • Stimulus checks for illegal aliens. Rather than protect American citizens by requiring a Social Security Number for taxpayer-funded stimulus, Pelosi’s bill would give illegal immigrants the ability to receive up to $1,200 in direct payouts.
  • Bailouts… for government. Democrats want more than $1 trillion in cash for state and local governments, mostly in the form of unrestricted aid that doesn’t need to be used to offset Coronavirus costs. They also threw in a $25 billion bailout for the Post Office.

The list goes on. At a moment when Americans most need Washington to look out for them and cut the partisan drama, Democrat leaders once again chose to put their far-left base first.

MORE: “Democrats’ new $3 trillion Coronavirus spending wishlist is another embarrassing farce”

President Trump is protecting our national stockpile

When the Coronavirus struck, President Trump knew that America needed to act quickly. He worked with Congress to secure $16 billion to build up our national stockpile with ventilators, masks, respirators, pharmaceuticals, and other critical supplies.

As a result, America today has an abundant supply of ventilators, N95 respirators, and resources for testing—a crucial area where we now lead the world.

But that’s only the start. President Trump knows that America’s long-term self-reliance depends on our supply chain. “Our goal for the future must be to have American medicine for American patients, American supplies for American hospitals, and American equipment for our great American heroes,” he says.

“Now, both parties must unite to ensure the United States is truly an independent nation in every sense of the word.”

Today, the President traveled to Pennsylvania, visiting a distribution center that’s played a key role in helping to restock America.

Just since February, the Owens & Minor Distribution Center in Upper Macungie has deployed 1.75 million N95 respirators, 3.4 million gowns, 80 million gloves, and much more across our country. “You’re making America proud,” President Trump told them.

President Trump: “We are reclaiming our heritage as a nation of manufacturers!”

🎬 WATCHOur supply chains need to be HERE, not overseas

Covid-19, the spiritual plague

We are learning more and more how the one world order is using the Corona virus to create panic in the world.  The recovery rate is 97% yet you sure can’t tell it by the way people are acting.  The Governments action, well thats a different story.  They use it to control people, and see how much they can get away with.  How many rights are people willing to give up for safety?  As Ben Franklin said, “Those willing to give up some of their freedoms for security deserve neither”.  What we are witnessing is that it does not take much these days for people to totally submit to their governments.  They ARE using it to their advantage.  Tanking the economy to destroy Donald Trump is one scenario.   But there is even a more sinister one.   Take away the people faith in God and replace it with total faith in government.  Replace God with the Government in short.

Most Bishops, Cardinals, even priests are walking lock step in this with the politicians.  This is understandable given the current occupant of the Vatican is a Socialist.  As Pope Pius XI said “one can not be Catholic and a true socialist.”  Here is what Catholic church hierarchy walking lock step with world governments have accomplished.

Churches are closed world wide.  There is no mass or sacraments.   The longer this keeps up their hope is that people will forget about the faith.  The Catholic faith is like food.  If you don’t take it on a daily basis you will die.   Seminarys were closed, The FSSP closed the one in the United States and the one in Europe.  Maybe they were closed by the Seminary staff, maybe by government edict, maybe by threats by insurance companies.  Who knows?  The bottom line is they are closed.  I wonder how many seminaries were closed during the Bubonic plague?  I do not thing the survival rate of the plague was as good as Corona, 97%!  The shrine at Fatima is closed due to government edict.  They claim it is because of the Corona.  Communion on the tongue is being denied which tells me they no longer believe in Transubstantiation.

The bishops, aided by and walking lockstep with the one world world order are destroying the Catholic faith.

Are We Obliged to Commit Suicide? History Will Harshly Judge Those Spreading Coronaphobia

Are We Obliged to Commit Suicide? History Will Harshly Judge Those Spreading Coronaphobia

Are We Obliged to Commit Suicide? History Will Harshly Judge Those Spreading Coronaphobia

The USNS Comfort was rushed to New York City Harbor to help care for the tens of thousands of coronavirus patients that were expected to fill the city’s hospital beds. The floating military hospital added a full 1,000 beds to the system’s capacity.

The ship is now leaving, having been barely used. In New York City, the much-feared collapse of the health system never happened. Extra ventilators, like the hospital ship, are available for other places.

The ship’s stay in the hot zone and its departure are highly symbolic.

Across the country, hospitals prepared for Armageddon by clearing out space to deal with the expected waves of COVID-19 victims. Then, everywhere the health system was underwhelmed by an Armageddon that never came. Now, hospitals are laying off medical staff or even going bankrupt. The lack of patients and the canceling of elective surgeries seriously harmed them financially. People are dying because they postponed vital operations.

Something went seriously wrong with the models used to project the threat to public health. These models were not even close to reality. The most cited was released by a team from the Imperial College London led by Prof. Neil Ferguson. It was used by a large number of governments to impose extreme confinement measures on their citizens. These political leaders showed more faith and reverence for this model’s skewed projections than they accord to the Four Gospels. These London experts estimated 2.2 million Americans would die. Only a fraction of that number succumbed. The study’s principal author later admitted that the wild estimates were based on thousands of lines of undocumented code written 13 years ago to model flu pandemics. These initial models were not just miscalculations but guesstimates based on a poor application of science. A politicized media then ran with them.

No one has yet been called to accounts over this massive mistake. These scientists still have their jobs. The government leaders who rashly and unquestionably accepted and acted on their inflated numbers are still in office. Irresponsible media continues to whip up hysteria.

At the same time, political leaders smugly ignored doctors and scientists like Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University. Their studies and insights were quite close to accurate and estimated the lethality rate was close to that of the seasonal flu. Had they been given favorable hearing, it could have saved the hospital system a great deal of time and money. Their politically incorrect yet epidemiologically correct insights could have saved lives and trouble.

Not satisfied with their disastrous handling of the crisis in the medical field, government leaders doubled down and went for an encore in the economy and society-at-large. The wheels of industry and commerce came to a screeching halt in anticipation of the pandemic that would kill millions. A good portion of the world is still in some phase of lockdown. These decisions too were based on the same faulty models. They are triggering a meltdown.

Government actions should be based on real data and sound science. The continued implementation of extreme confinement measures based on these flawed guesstimate models is nothing but socio-political and economic suicide.

Vast stretches of America with few or no cases of the virus were treated with the same drastic rigor as New York City, the national hot spot. Vibrant businesses and operations were simplistically divided into just two groups: “essential” or “non-essential.” Who knows what questionable criteria informed this un-Solomonic decision seeing that in many states abortion mills, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores were deemed “essential,” but not so churches and religious gatherings.

When integrated modern economies stop, whole supply chains also halt. Components of the process often cannot be repurposed. Massive amounts of goods and foodstuffs must be donated or thrown away.

The sheer scope of economic destruction is mind-boggling. In March and April, markets shed trillions of dollars in value. Important industries like hospitality and travel ground to a halt. Debt skyrocketed. Government spending ballooned out of all control. Tens of millions no longer have jobs and are collecting unemployment aid.

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our TimesLearn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

Worst of all, the business world, eager to reopen, is subject to the slow and cruel vagaries of the same politicians who landed them in their current fate. Many government leaders now extend the lockdowns in a vacuous attempt to save face and “prove” the closings were indeed needed. Other government officials are ideologues and care nothing for the economic calamity. They see the crisis as an opportunity to ram through their socialist and green agendas.

The great danger is not the virus but rather the bungling of its handling. It led to measures that are destroying the social and economic order. A do-whatever-it-takes attitude is burning the house down when a flashlight would have been sufficient to illuminate and find a solution to the problem.

One day, history will judge with great severity the guilt of all involved in creating the panic and hysteria informing this crisis. It will condemn harshly those who have openly and unashamedly used the crisis to pursue their subversive ideological goals. To varying degrees, each must bear some responsibility for this medical and economic calamity. They will share in the blame for those who will perish by illness, suicide, anxiety and other indirect causes of death wrought by the worldwide panic and everything it triggered.

The only way out of the crisis is to pull out of this suicidal course. Now. Immediately. No one can be obliged to commit suicide. Like the USNS Comfort, it is time to leave the New York harbor behind.

Covid-19 the Faux virus to destroy the Catholic faith

The Fatima Shrine is SHUT DOWN when we need her most. The Portuguese army is preventing pilgrims. Shameful.