The war against morality and the traditional Catholic church, Father Z removed from the Madison Wisconsin diocese

Yet another weak kneed Catholic bishop joins the fray in damaging his own church with the removal of traditional priest Father John Zuhlsdorf who runs the popular traditionalist blog “Father Z” which you can find  the feed to on our Tridentine Catholic news feeds page.

According to the blog “where peter is“:

Fr. Zuhlsdorf is a traditionalist priest of the Italian diocese of Velletri-Segni near Rome who resides in the Wisconsin diocese, where he was granted faculties to say Mass and has headed the local Latin Mass society. According to his post, he has made some decisions that will require him to move away from the diocese:

Of course the left is ecstatic about this.  One blogger who feels Biden is a great Catholic replied, “don’t let the door hit him on the way out”.  Of course this is only one of the great masses of swap scum that float daily in the sewage of twitter.  The same ones that were as giddy as a school girl when they heard of Rush Limbaugh’s passing.  “I hope he rots in hell” said one twitter twerp.  Its amazing how much of an authority they are on hell and Nazi’s.  This twitter gang is the same group who’s sense of humor is hysterically laughing after pushing a cripple down a flight of stairs.

Father Zuhlsdorf had said that the parting was a mutual decision.   Sorry, but I doubt that.  These modernist bishops want nothing more than to see the old Catholic church, the real Catholic church destroyed.  It’s all about secularism, God is no longer in the picture.

Again from the blog Where Peter is:

Zuhlsdorf, you may recall, had been livestreaming videos of himself performing a Latin Rite of exorcism every day after Mass for the intention of overturning the results of November’s US presidential election. Regularly, in his blog posts and descriptions for these videos, as well as in the recordings of the videos themselves, he would explain that the exorcisms were being carried out for purposes of unmasking election fraud or otherwise changing the outcome. For example, the description for his December 5 exorcism read:

Exorcism against Satan and Fallen Angels (for protection against demonic influence in the vote certification process).

As Christopher Lamb reported in the Tablet last week, before carrying out the ritual in his January 5 video he said, “We have to be concerned about the people involved in this who might have lied, or who might have committed fraud, concerning this election. This is not cheating to steal the election to 5th grade class president. This is something on a whole different scale, it’s quantitatively so vastly larger, that it’s qualitatively a different kind of a situation and sin. This isn’t like going over and stealing a newspaper off your neighbour’s porch.”

Zuhlsdorf had claimed, “I have the permission of the bishop to say this, which increases the authority of the praying of the prayer.” The bishop of Madison, Donald Hying, seemed to contradict this claim in a statement that was sent out to many concerned Catholics who contacted the diocese. The statement said, in part, “A number of people have falsely concluded that I, as the Bishop of Madison, gave Fr John Zuhlsdorf permission to perform the rite of the sacramental of exorcism in relation to partisan political activity.” The bishop went on to explain that he had granted permission for Zuhlsdorf to do the ritual “for the intention of alleviation from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic.”

As you can see Bishop Donald Hying appears to be another one of those spineless bishops that have sold out to the secular politicians.  The Lapanto institute did an article that lists Catholic funding for the pro abort apostate Catholic Joe Biden.

Also factor into this picture that the Novus Ordo church stands to rake in Billions from the Covid relief paycheck protection plan as this article from AP states.  Now does that explain why your churches were closed and your access to the sacraments removed?  Its all about money, faith has nothing to do with it.

Personally I have mixed emotions about Father Z.  He is a good man and dedicated priest but he still feels Vatican II is legitimate.  At least Bishop Vigano has said it is time to throw out Vatican II, it did not work and it is destroying the faith.  I wish Father the best.

This is also a time to remind all of you to cut off all donations to anything Novus Ordo.  The only way to kill the beast is to starve it.   Instead contribute to a group which will carry on the true faith.  Personally I give to two causes, Sorrowful Heart of Mary apostolate of Fr. David Hewko  and the Benedictines in Silver City New Mexico I know money sent to these two organizations will support the real Catholic church.

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