Pat Brady Illinois RINO par excellance

You can see Pat Brady fills the mold of a John McCain or a Mitt Romney screaming RINO liberal

So I am trying to avoid the covid insanity by looking up some videos on youtube and what do I see is the little runt of a RINO Pat Brady former Republican chairman of the Illinois GOP.  Pat was a driving force in making Illinois Republicans a non entity and handing the Illinois Democrats  a super majority for their corruption.  Brady fits the comment exactly.  “Most, but not all Republicans are wimps.”  Pat Brady is that poster boy.

Now starved for attention Brady has openly endorsed the Irish socialist running for the Illinois 6th congressional district against Jeane Ives the Republican.  I voted for Ives challenger in the primary, Jay Kinsler.  I did not care for many of the negative remarks Jeane made on twitter about president Trump back in 2016.  Many were said like a never Trumper, full of bitterness and hate.  HOWEVER the primary is over and Ives won.

I have a Jeane Ives yard sign on my lawn and I plan to hold my nose and vote for her.  I think KInsler would of made a better candidate to beat the Democrat but it is what it is.  The alternative, the baby killing socialist Sean Casten is unacceptable.  That is not unless you like the green new deal, more government regulation and have your guns take away.  For me its now Ives all the way and I pray she wins.

I was a precinct committeeman in Elgin township when Brady was Chairman.  That is the main reason I only lasted a term and a half working with the Illinois GOP.  I just got tired of banging my head on the concrete working with all the Illinois do nothing republicans.  How ever the alternative to them, the Democrats, who Brady appears to be in bed wit, will literally destroy the United States.


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