The Scarlet and the Black

Last night I was watching a movie called the Scarlet and the Black, a real life story about an Irish priest in the Vatican during WW2.  Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty who saved thousands of lives of Jews and escaped Allied POW’s in Rome.

The story took place as the Germans took over the city of Rome after the surrender of Italy.  O’Flaherty’s group was a rag tag collection of priests, nuns, and the butler of the British embassy in the Vatican.    At one point the Nazi’s demanded 1000 pounds of gold from the Jews in the ghetto or they would begin rounding up Jews for deportation to labor camps.  Monsignor O’Flaherty helped the Jews raise the gold only to have the Nazi’s go back on their word and  began to impose restrictions such as curfews and rounding up Jews for forced labor camps.

At one meeting of O’Flaherty’s group a young priest said, “What is horrible is at curfew I am not even allowed to tend to parishoners who may need me”.   I am not allowed to administer the sacraments to the sick and dieing.

Sound familiar? How bout lock down? Wearing your mask to show loyalty to the state? The only difference is in the 1940s the Catholic church under Pius XII fought the tyrants, now the Pope of the “New Church”, Jorge Bergoglio and his socialists bishops are in bed with the persecutors.  These so called clergy obey the jack boot of American Democrat Tyranny closing thier churches and restricting the sacraments.  These Judas’s can no longer be considered Catholics.

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