……………..At present time there is a remnant left, selected out of grace

The remnant uses that passage from Romans on its masthead. In this year, 2020 that is ringing so true!

If 2020 was a scented candle a flaming port-a-pottie comes to mind. The biggest victim is our Catholic church, led by a globalist, socialist pope by the name of Francis. Under his reign we are seeing a total disregard and mockery of the holy Eucharist. Transubstantiation has been shelved in favor of the common meal.

Institutions I once considered an anchor to the faith have fallen to the globalists. I was always fond on the FSSP and have contributed to their livemass and the seminary in Nebraska. Over the last few months my disappointment in them as grown to Corona like “scam-demic” proportions. Of note the total mockery the mass of all time has been reduced to. Specifically at the distribution of communion.

The priest wears a mask with the communicants keeping the political acceptable social distancing. This in accord of course with the local Novus Ordo bishop of the diocese. Each communicant comes up, the priest does put the host on the tong and after each one dips his fingers in a solution held by the server then wiped in a cloth ready for the next communicant. The process is repeated for each person.

This is a mockery that almost made me sick to my stomach. They treat the body of Christ as though he is a Leper carrying a disease. THIS IS THE SON OF GOD AND NOT A TABLE SCRAP! If a priest in the order should speak up against this outrage and encourage the faithful to disobey the bishops politically correct, yet unCatholic response he is scouraged at the pillar such as what happened to Father Daniel Nolan, FSSP in Littleton, Colorado.

I am sure most FSSP priests do not want to work like this but unfortunately they are bound to the local bishop most of which have lost the Catholic faith.  This is what happens when you strike a deal with the Vatican.  If you ever shake hands with Francis best to count your fingers when done to make sure you still have all 5 left.

Fortunately there is a remnant left of those good couragious Catholic priest who are currently being martyred for holding to the faith.  Father Nolan mentoned above is one, another, a Novus Ordo Diocesan priest faithful to the Latin mass, Father James Altman.    Father Hewko of the SSPX resistance priests is another example of a priest loyal to the one true church outside of which there is no salvation.

Once again the REAL Catholic church of orthodoxy has gone underground back to the Catacombs with the vast majority of CINO (Catholic in name only) bishops remaining on the surface.  Don’t let these bishops use the vow of obedience as their wild card, resist!

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