Dear Remnant:

I sent the following in to the Remnant newspaper letters to the editor.


Dear Editor,

I am in solidarity with Elizabeth L.

I will not attend the liturgy of the “mask”. I think it is a desecration of the Eucharist. As Catholics we believe that is the body and blood of Christ. If we truly believe that then we must also accept no harm can possible come to us from a consecrated host. Unless of course the host was received with the presence of Mortal sin. That tells me that even some priests no longer believe in transubstantiation. I have seen some Novus ordo priests with masks, rubber gloves, and tweezers handling the host. What a sacrilege!

In addition, the mask simply does not work against Corona.

From a Surgeon of 30 years 1) Covid Virus Particle size averages 125 nanometers (0.125 microns ) The range varies from 0.06 microns to .14 microns. In order to see them you would need an electron microscope. 2) The hoarded N 95 mask will filter down to 0.3 microns. It can filter few if any of the virons (virus particles). 3) All other surgical masks, home made masks and bandannas do the following Allow free passage both ways, in and out, of Covid-19 virus They become warm, damp, or moist reservoir of Covid-19 particles in asymptomatic carriers (estimated to be 85% of all people tested) 4) Surgeons are taught to touch nothing outside the surgical field. Lay people constantly touch, re-arrange, and manipulate their masks. This inoculates thousands of virus particles onto their bare or even worse, gloved hands.

I have a number of things that can be downloaded on my Catholic Patriot blog for use against the mask Nazi’s.

I have been attending live streams via my Tridentine site since March. I do have 6 live streams on the home page. The major draw back is I have not received the Eucharist since March. It has made me realize just how important the Eucharist is to me and how I had taken it for granted for a long time. So maybe there is a silver lining in all this Corona stuff. I also think it will restore our church to what it once was. The Novus ordo churches are almost empty here and their funding is shrinking.


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