Our stories today include: (1) the historic Dobbs decision by which the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992); (2) Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Rome, during which she received Holy Communion at a Papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica; and (3) the Pope’s new Apostolic Letter “on the Liturgical Formation of the People of God”.

Canon Oconnor Sermon 6-26-2022 Sacred Heart of Jesus

Canon Oconnor is by no means a big man, rather small and slim in build physically but intellectually and spiritually he is more like the incredible Hulk on Steroids.  A huge reservoir of Catholic knowledge and intellect.  I really wish Canon would record his sermons or at least provide transcripts because they are so good you want to share.

There is no way I could ever do justice to his sermons but I will try to list the bullet points and at least share some of the knowledge and charisma of this priest.

Before the Sermon Father alerted us that after the Roe vs. Wade reversal he is already receiving telephone threats at the rectory being called a right wing terrorist attacking women.   The threats were reported to the Rockford police of which Canon said we have a very good rapour with.  He told us not to worry but to be on our guard of any suspicious individuates.  He said “You know what to look for.  If you see someone acting suspicious around the church with green hair you might want to report it to either the police or one of the ushers”.

Start of Sermon

  • The timing of this is no coincidence, Roe vs Wade decision happened 50 years ago.  50 years ago was the last time the feast of the nativity of St. John the Baptist occurred on a Saturday preceded by the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Friday.  Both integral parts of the pro life movement.   The mercy of the sacred heart and John leaping for joy in his mothers womb at his presence.  Every Sunday Canon has been covering the various virtues of the church.  Today it was justice.  Gods justice in the protection of the unborn has prevailed.
  • Make no mistake, the pro abortion movement is run by Satanists.  Canon said he was at a celebration event last week to celebrate the overturning of Roe vs Wade.  There were two pro abortion demonstrators there each wearing a Satanic pentagram.  He said there were there verbally stating their love of Satan over Christ.  An abortion is actually a bloody human sacrifice to Lucifer based on the destruction of the human race.  The Catholic mass on the other hand is an unbloody sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.
  • Catholics must always vote for the prolife candidate.  He said this victory is totally due to President Donald Trump who is without doubt the most pro-life president this nation has ever had.  It was the appointment of Trump justices, two of which are Catholic, that turned the tide to reverse Roe vs. Wade.  Canon said candidates like Trump must be elected in order to reverse the Satanic twist our nation is headed towards.  Canon further said that he can praise the merits of President Trump because it is all fact and he is not telling us who to vote for.  President Trump is not even running for anything yet he said.  He said even so he is not concerned about tax exempt status.  He said he would rather loose that if it came between that and leading his congregation a stray by being silent.

I know I left some gaps but this is as accurate as I can remember.   It was a glorious Sunday.

Roe vs. Wade has drawn the battle lines for the Illinois governor race in November.

Once again the Sermon of Canon Oconnor rings in my head.  “In the United States we have two political parties, one is not exactly the party of Jesus Christ but the other party is truly the party of Satan and to vote for any of them is serious sin”.   Canon is a man of small stature but in rhetoric he resembles the incredible hulk.

This is what it will come down to in November, the battle for pro-life.  Sane states like Missouri, South Dakota, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, etc are already banning abortions in their state.  What about Illinois you ask?  Fat chance (pardon the pun) with Governor J.B. Fatty Arbuckle Pritzker, great grandson of Bael at the helm.  This is the defining point of what the Governors race in Illinois will come down to.  Morality or Imorality.   Banning the murder of babies or making it widely available to all creating a new industry in Illinois, “Want to murder your children?  Then come to Illinois”.  Do we want to be know as the Auschwitz of the midwest?

To do battle with the heavy weighs such as J.B. (Yes pun intended) we need to arm ourselves and we do that with the best candidate to battle the pro abortion lobby.  That man is Darren Bailey and not a place holder RINO such as Richard Irvin.   Even the Democrats knows Bailey is 100% prolife as evidenced by the literature they keep pumping into my mailbox as seen below.

Again echoing Canon Oconnor, if you are Catholic and intend to vote for Pritzker, better high tail it to confession.

Lets make sure we go into November with the best weapons available, Darren Bailey as GOP gubernatorial candidate.   Bailey Website here.


Coming July 30 the conservative social event of the year for Northern Illinois

The Porky Picnic is THE conservative social event of the year in Northern Illinois. YES there are still a few genuine conservatives left in town. I have known Chris for years and his conservative credentials are solid. The man is my age, very late 60s but he stays in politics because he feels a responsibility and duty to the citizens of Kane County Illinois. Great wholesome family event.