Why does MLB hate the Catholic church?

First it was the LA dodgers mocking the church honoring that so called order of strange nuns.   Now the Anaheim Angles follow suite.

I grew up with the Chicago cubs.  Once a harmless little team that could not win anything.  With the Rickert family taking over the Cubs they are now firmly supporting Homosexuals.  This is understandable given one of the cubs owners is Lesbian.    Ownership is so bent on this perveted cause that they went to the extent of cancelling a Sunday home game so as not to disrupt the gay pride parade.

Sundays used to be so enjoyable.  After mass relaxing on the deck with a few home brews listing to the Cubs on the radio.  No more my love affair with baseball, specifically the money hungry Ricketts family, is over.  I have to thank them for one thing.  None or almost none of their games are shown on free TV since I don’t have cable I can’t watch any games, which suits me fine.

I think I will become a Kansas City Cheif’s fan.  At least I know their kicker is a Traditional Latin Mass Catholics like us.

Anthony Fauci, one sick excuse of a human being

CFN Weekly update May 11, 2023

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