I don’t care, I am STILL voting for Sam McCann for Governor of Illinois

I read a disturbing article yesterday from the American Family Action group.  I thought about this last night and this IFA thing seems so fishy.

After Jeanne Ives lost the primary to Rauner she said, “I am not going to endorse Bruce Rauner, but I WILL vote for him”. Here is MY theory, although Ives is not officially endorsing Rauner it sure looks to me like she is working for him behind the scenes. I am sure the goal is to stop the siphoning of votes from Rauner to McCann.

I think Ives got her go to water girl Laurie Higgins, who wrote non stop poison pen articles against Rauner when Ives was his opponent, to cobb together some derogatory article against McCann. I understand why they are doing this and in a way I approve of it.  If Pritzker is elected governor this state is toast pure and simple. HOWEVER, morals and Catholic obligation enter into this too and should be first and foremost.

Out of the three candidates,  McCann is the most pro-life and I have no reason to believe that he is not.   This is from his website:



Sam is 100% Pro-Life. Rauner failed the unborn, by signing HB 40 and allowing taxpayer funded abortions “on demand” in Illinois. Sam will stand up for the unborn and protect the sanctity of life, unlike Rauner who surrendered to Chicago Democrats, Progressives, and the RINOs who now control the Republican Party.

Sam will work to overturn HB 40 and work with Pro-Life and reasonable legislators to make sure that Illinois protects the life of those who cannot defend themselves, and to ensure that Illinois taxpayers don’t have to pay yet another bill they can’t afford. 

Unless someone can prove to me he is not what he says he is in the pro-life arena I will still vote for him.   It is also my OBLIGATION to vote for him as a Catholic. The jist of the IFA article was that McCann insulted some little state self proclaimed conservative by tieing him with Rauner.  WHO CARES?  I thought we are voting for issues here not personality conflicts.

The church still holds that the most pro-life politician get your vote. If you can not do that than don’t vote. If you do vote for the pro-death politician you better get to confession before you go trotting up to communion the following Sunday.  Enough cafeteria Catholicism. Its all about issues not the unification of the state Republican party.

This is proof for me the only politician to be trusted is Donald J Trump.   Except President Trump is not a politician, he is one of the guys, A PRO-LIFE guy!

If anyone wants a McCann yard sign or find out more about Sam McCann please see his website below.


Yet another brand new shinny saint from Vatican 2

In an effort to legitimize the legacy of Vatican 2 yet another modernist saint has come out of the wood work, Saint Pope Paul the VI.   The Cardinal Montini who later became Pope Paul VI had all the anti Catholic attributes of modernism, socialism (he was a devout follower of the radical Saul Alynsky), and some believe homosexuality.   The blog AKA Catholic printed the follow:

To reiterate, Hugh Montgomery was the brother of the well-known artist Peter Montgomery, the long-time sex partner of Cambridge spy Anthony Blunt. Bryans says that Hugh Montgomery was also a one-time lover of the powerful and well-known homosexual diplomat Sir Gilbert Laithwaite.[114]

During the mid-1930s, Hugh Montgomery was assigned a diplomatic post at the Vatican as the Chargé d’Affaires under Sir Alec Randall, the British representative to the Holy See. It was here that Hugh met an equally up and coming Italian junior diplomat, Msgr. Battista Montini, who allegedly shared Hugh’s sexual proclivities and the two men allegedly engaged in an affair.

Ann Barnhardt also exposes the homosexuality of Paul VI in her blog along with his communist leanings.

Then we have St. John Paul II which creates a much stickier situation.  John Paul was a dangerous man, using Catholic Tradition as bait to lure Catholics back to the faith only to slap on a dose of modernism.  It was John Paul who helped the traditional Latin mass with Ecclesia Dei which greatly helped the Latin mass build momentum, but it was also John Paul that allowed girls to be altar servers and tinkered with sacred Catholic devotions such as the Rosary.  He added those horrible luminous mysteries.  When our Lady gave the rosary to St. Dominic she said the Father wants us to pray the Psalter, which are the psalms.  There are 150 psalms that correspond to the 150 hail Mary’s on the rosary decades.  John Paul thought it necessary to destroy this divine gift by adding an additional 5 decades called the Luminous mysteries.  There are not 200 Psalms.  He also added that 15th station, of the cross.  He followed the modernist agenda to destroy the church.

Then of course we have the instigator of Vatican II, St. John XXIII who started the revolution to Protestantism.   The last truly Catholic Pope, Pius XII thought Cardinal Roncalli was unfit to be a prince of the church so placed him in a diocese where he could do a minimal amount of harm.   Cardinal Siri in the 1958 conclave  was believed to be the front runner for the next pope and was hand picked by Pius.  The conclave was believed to be rigged giving us Roncallli as the next pope.  A real disaster to the Church.

Father Z in his blog sums it all up with this:

By canonizing John XXIII, John Paul II, and Paul VI, Pope Francis is embracing Vatican II and the changes it wrought in religious practice, devotion, the liturgy, administration, external relationships, and general outlook. Francis has expressed that these canonizations reflect a new age of openness to the Spirit brought by Vatican II. Yet given the institutional failures and instability that pervade the last sixty years, the frequency of post-Vatican II papal saint-making may be viewed not as a mark of vitality, but rather as an effort to assert the value of Vatican II in the face of the Church’s potentially permanent decline.

For me, St. Pope John Paul II does not exist, St. Pope Paul VI does not exist, St. Pope John XXII does not exist.  They are just figments of the modernist imagination to legitimatize their modernist take over of the Catholic church.

Don’t worry, the Vatican 2 church is slowly dieing

In reading Father Z this morning he talked about the lastest Vatican joke, something called Synod2018.  Its basically a collection of aging hippie Cardinals and Bishops pretending to be young.

He reinforced something we Trad Cats know well.  The vibrancy of the Catholic church, the real Catholic church lies in her rich traditions of over a thousand years.  Traditions abandoned by the modernist of Vatican 2 and heaven help you if you even suggest to them that we return to church.

Instead they concoct a secular fairy land.  This probably drives away more Catholics than they gain.  I have talked to many former Catholics who have left the church since Vatican 2 and their main gripe is hypocrisy.  Presbatyers preaching one thing and practicing another as evidenced by the sodomite sex scandal plaguing the Church today.  Most have headed for protestant sects.   However a number have discovered the Traditional church where they have found a home and as the misguided Bergoglio has said, “multiply like rabbits”.

Father Z pretty much sums out the LMC with this:

Across the board, as demographics shift, we are going to lose huge numbers of nominal Catholics.  However, when I visit traditional parishes or communities, I see that the TLMs are the “children’s Mass”, based on the numbers of youngsters, young families and their rapidly increasing offspring.  Where I am on Sundays, it seems like every other week there is a newborn to be admired.  The average age in the pews must be about 7.

This has been the scenario at every LMC I have ever belonged to, vibrant young families at the independent chapels,  the institute of Christ King, the SSPX, and the Motu Proprio.  Young large family’s which will assure the continuation of the faith.  The pretend faith of the Vatican 2 will whether away.  The mass Exodus will continue.  Many will relocate with the protestants, but some will discover their tradition again and when they do they’re not going anywhere!  The Novus Ordo seminaries will continue to be almost completely empty while the traditional seminaries will continue filled to the rafters.  This means eventually there will be no priests left who will know how to do the pretend mass of Vatican 2 as the majority of priests will be trained in the Tridentine mass.  Bergoglio and his clan in their combined senility and pride refuse to recognize this so they continue to shove a watered down half protestant feel good faith down Catholic throats with disastrous results while our Traditional communities flourish.  Or as the Remnant says:

We are but a remnant selected out of grace.

Make America Holy Again Spiritual Warfare Campaign begins on October 20

Here is the way things are shaking out in the lead up to this monumental election:


The forces of evil know they are losing and are in full blown panic mode. Now, we see high level politicians advocating violence in order to gain power. Even witches have risen against President Trump, and now against Justice Kavanough. Then we discovered that evil even planted the Arch of Baal on the grounds of our Nation’s Capitol, during the Kavanugh/Ford hearings. We all know that if this pure evil regains power, we are in terrible trouble. We simply must do everything we can to “stand in the breach,” beginning with our belief in the power of prayer.


Our Make America Holy Again Spiritual Warfare Campaign begins on October 20 (Read HERE)
Tools/Weapons for Spiritual Warfare:


These are some I designed, specifically, for spiritual warfare. Along with the book I wrote.





From Ann Barnhardt; Paul VI, destroyer of the church, should not even be considered for sainthood.

Below is another one of Ann Barnhardt’s post I felt necessary to repost.  Disturbing information about Paul VI

Sodomite Communist Paul VI is a Saint as much as Bergoglio is the Pope – NOT EVEN A LITTLE

Pope Paul VI Montini was an active sodomite, including while he was Pope, having his preferred sodomy partner, the Italian actor Paolo Carlini, inside his apartment in the Apostolic Palace, with Carlini seen running the halls in the wee hours of the morning. Montini, as is typical of sacriligious sodomites, took his Papal name not in homage to the Apostle Paul, but rather as a sacriligious winking “inside joke” amongst the sodomite coven already infesting the Church, after his Italian moviestar sodomy pattern, Paolo Carlini.

Paul VI Montini would not infrequently be found by the staff of the Apostolic Palace lying on the floor of his bedroom in the fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably.

Paul VI was an active and ardent supporter of Communism and Communists, betraying and deposing Cardinal Minszenty of Hungary to appease the Communists, and taking over the ultimately failed Second Vatican Council in order to scrap the main objective of the original schema of the Council, to denounce Global Communism.  Not only was Communism never mentioned, but Paul VI was sure to invite KGB agents posing as Russian orthodox clergy to “observe” the failed Council. While Montini was the Archbishop of Milan, it was openly said that “Montini doesn’t hear church bells, he only hears factory whistles.”

Paul VI Montini, like Antipope Bergoglio, despised Marian devotion and had “an aversion to the Rosary”.

Paul VI did NOT write the section of Humanae Vitae which restated the immemorial and unchanging teaching of the Church condemning contraception.  He originally wrote (or his ghostwriters wrote) Humanae Vitae to PERMIT contraception.  It was Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, head of the CDF, who after reading the draft submitted to the CDF, removed Montini’s wicked attempt at keeping his promises to his Freemason and sodomite friends to open the door to the mortal sin of contraception, and instead replaced it with the passages so often quoted today.  This is one of the clearest examples of the reality of the negative protection of the Papacy from teaching error on faith or morals by the Holy Ghost.  After Humanae Vitae’s promulgation, Paul VI ACTIVELY PERSECUTED priests and bishops who publicly defended the very document that Paul VI himself promulgated, and rewarded priests and bishops who openly, publicly dissented from it.

Most importantly, Paul VI Montini promulgated and oversaw the implementation of the so-called “New Order of the Mass” – the Novus Ordo.  This was the single greatest act of violence ever done to God and His Holy Church, resulting in the near-instantaneous (by historical standards) collapse of the Catholic Church in the West.  In many places, the Mass was so thoroughly debauched, Protestantized and feminized within SIX WEEKS of its promulgation in ARSH 1969 that many poorly-formed albeit still-practicing Catholics INSTANTLY apostasized, never stepping foot in a church again, dying outside the Church, in mortal sin, and without the Sacraments.  Paul VI SAT AND WATCHED as Catholic liturgy in the west descended into an horrific chaos of ugliness, feminism and mockery of Jesus Christ, Calvary, and the Eucharist itself.

It is interesting to note that Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope, declined to attend today’s sickening mockery and spectacle.

Paul VI is not a saint. He should not be mentioned as an intercessor.  IF Paul VI somehow repented of all his enormous wickedness and somehow made it through his particular judgment, he is almost certain to be in Purgatory for a very, very, very long time, and would be the very first person to tell you that nothing about his wretched life was virtuous or anything to be emulated.  IF Paul VI isn’t in hell, and eventually achieves the Beatific Vision, it will be one of the highest examples of God’s infinite mercy.

What happened today is just another in a five and a half year long series of events that clearly shows us that Bergoglio isn’t the Pope.  It isn’t a proofset in and of itself, but it is YET ANOTHER confirming datum that should make every clear-thinking, virile person who insists upon dealing with objective reality look at the events of February ARSH 2013 and see the obvious invalidity of Pope Benedict’s attempt to partially resign the Papacy.

Cardinals Mindszenty and Ottaviani, pray for us and for The Church.

Cardinal Mindszenty, under arrest by Communists, betrayed repeatedly by the Communist sodomite Paul VI Montini.

Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, defender of the faith against Freemasons, Communists, sodomites, and Paul VI Montini.

Rosary Reflections on the mid term elections

I mentioned on numerous occasions that as I do my morning prayers and rosary as I go for my walk there are times when answers to questions arrive in my head with a calming influence.  This morning, as I was breaking in my combat rosary was one of those times.

I have been close to worried sick about the November election.  The socialists are bragging that they will take over the government in a blue wave.  That would mean an end to all the hard work and improvement that President Trump has made as well as possibly loosing Judge Kavanaugh, a solidly pro-life judge.

The  Democrats have become more and more unhinged and insane.  The likes of Waters, Holder, Feinstein all calling for violence.  I worry.  I worry about something happening to the president and Judge Kavanaugh.  I pray for both daily.

Today I finished the rosary and began my prayers for the sick and for forgiveness of my sins.  I then offer a St. Michael prayer for the protection of president Trump, his family and Judge Kavanaugh.  I then offer an angelus for the protection of Holy Mother church and that our nation will be restored to her Christian roots.

In the middle of the Angelus, one of those thoughts came.  It was soothing, it said, Don’t worry about Kavanaugh, I am protecting him.  Don’t worry about president Trump, he is working for me and I won’t let anything happen to him.  He is there because of all  the prayers of the faithful the same as the judge.

I got home, checked my blog feeds and found out the blue wave is quickly drying up.  I have no clue as to the outcome of the election but I do know now, what ever happens, not to worry.


2019 Calendar correction

Mary had pointed out to me that I had the incorrect date for the feast of Christ the King.  I have since changed it to the correct date.  You might want to reprint October 2019.

Problem is I do the calendar by myself on my autocad software.  I usually rush to get the calendar out so as we get to the last months of the year my cut and paste starts to get wreckless!


The official coffee of Bergoglio’s Youth Synod 2018

I can’t take credit for this I found it on Novus Ordo Twitter feed.  Its very fitting However, considering all the faggot Cardinals and Bishops coming out of the woodwork!  We now have the clerical equivelent of the Washington D.C. swamp complete with its share of Bill Clintons, only in this case the name is Cardinal Donna Wuerl.

Priceless Femininity – II

To grow, tomato plants need a strong rod –

To love your women, men, turn first to God!

The womanliness of woman is today under fierce attack. The reason is not far to seek. Satan wants complete power over mankind so as to make sure that every single soul falls into Hell. Now the way in which Almighty God designs for human beings to set out on the road to Heaven is by their birth within a normal human family, in which what we call today the “biological father” and the “biological mother” look after the fruit of their mutual love, their own children. Dr Henry Makow takes up the story from last week’s “Eleison Comments,” from the standpoint of the Satanists.

“Cabalist Jews and Freemasons are Satanists. They control by degrading and corrupting. Like termites they eat away at the supporting columns of society. The family is the red blood cell of a healthy society. It provides us with our roles and identity, as well as necessary emotional and material support. It ensures the young are born, loved and raised properly, and the aged are taken care of. Our family is our link in the chain of eternity. So the Satanists have always wanted to destroy it. They went after the women, whom they deemed fickle, vain and feeble-minded. ‘There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women,’ Adam Weishaupt wrote. ‘These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion, and of standing up for themselves; it will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them the more, and cause them to work for us with zeal without knowing that they do so; for they will only be indulging their own desire of personal admiration.’

“So the Satanists convinced women that marriage and family were ‘oppressive.’ Men may have toiled in factories and died in war to provide and protect, but somehow women were the ones oppressed. Satanists needed to interfere with the natural affection and attraction that males and females have for each other, and for their offspring. Satanists exist to banish love. A woman’s essence is love, the power to generate love, by loving and being loved in return. This is the source of her power. A woman’s love for her husband and children is the most precious thing in the world. For a man, this love is his greatest treasure. By allowing herself to be deceived, by pursuing material instead of spiritual power, modern woman has essentially lost the power to love. She can have power or love. She cannot have both. Women need a man’s love like a flower needs sunshine and water. Men nurture women and women empower men by acquiescing to their reasonable demands. This is the heterosexual dynamic [ . . . ]

“But this is what is condemned as the exploitation of woman (the ‘eroticisation of powerlessness’) by, for example, a Sheila Jeffreys, known as a lesbian feminist scholar and political activist. Obviously she cannot understand that woman’s love is her true power. She wants to turn all women into lesbians who like her cannot understand that woman’s style, beauty and charm, in brief her femininity, depend on eschewing material power. A woman who gives herself to her husband is cherished and loved by him and their children. A woman who pursues power in masculine terms is doomed to a life of isolation and bitterness.

“Western feminists, you have forfeited your most precious gift for nothing. You are vulgar, a real turn-off. You lack personality, charm, style, substance. You cannot love. You are not even attractive. And soon you will lose your youth. You will have nothing but your job, your dog and your equally desperate friends. Western feminists, you have been robbed, betrayed by your society, teachers, and political and cultural leaders; and consequently you have joined their traitorous ranks. You have betrayed your unborn children, your culture, your family and the promise of the future. But worst of all, you have betrayed yourselves” (end of Makow quote).

Kyrie eleison.

The Catholic church has become an equivalent to the Washington D.C. swamp

This piece if from Ann Barnhardt’s blog.  Ann once printed that she liked people to paste her stuff in their blogs because that way that way its less likely things would mysteriously disappear off the net.  I’m taking you up on that with this one Ann!  I used to take exception to her view of the anti pope and the anti church but now I don’t know!  What I am seeing around me is NOT the Catholic church I knew and grew up in.  It’s the clerical equivalent of the swamp that President Trump is constantly fighting.  Now more than ever please consider my operation pocket book.  These sodomite leftists must be stopped as soon as possible or they will continue to do damage to mother church.

Sodomite Cardinal Wuerl Given Promotion: Now Likely Number Three Most Powerful Faggot in Antichurch

Guys, we’ve REALLY gotta wise up here.  Donald Wuerl wasn’t just defeated, with his “resignation” being “accepted” by Antipope Bergoglio. Donna Guerl was just given a huge promotion, and is now one of the top five, maybe now as high as top three most powerful chutney ferrets in the Antichurch, and Wuerl is now 100% in control of the Antichurch in the U.S., and his challenger, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is now totally out and shot down.


The whole McCarrick thing began as Cardinal Timothy Dolan making a move to essentially become the sole power in the U.S. Church.  To do this, Dolan needed to take out Wuerl and Wuerl’s coven, which we shall henceforth refer to as “The Wuerlpool”.  Who are the main players in the Wuerlpool?  McCarrick, Mahoney, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, O’Malley.  Who is out? Dolan and Burke – but Burke has made himself completely irrelevant anyway. Lying down and dying tends to have that effect.

Dolan was super-pissed when Tobin was installed just across the bridge in Newark in ARSH 2017, which was done in retailiation against Dolan for signing the “13 Cardinals” letter during the Synod Against the Family in ARSH 2015, objecting to the clear rigging of the Synod procedures in order to deliver a totally pre-determined outcome.  This episode is what prompted one of Antipope Bergoglio’s most famous raging tantrums inside the Casa Santa Marta – a raging, bellowing screaming fag fit that was so severe that the Swiss Guards CLEARED THE BUILDING in the middle of lunch.  Everyone in the dining hall was forced to essentially evacuate the building, with the sounds of Antipope Bergoglio screaming, “Full power has been given to me! I’m in charge here! If they don’t like it, they can leave! The Church doesn’t need them! I’LL TAKE THEIR HATS!”

So Dolan has been on the outs – the WAY outs – for quite some time,  And, apparently, Dolan, being just as much of an oily, power-hungry mafioso as the rest of them, decided to make a power play and take out the entire Wuerlpool in one fell swoop, which would then leave Dolan alone at the top of the U.S. Church.  How?  Take out McCarrick, and do it concurrent with the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report, which would have the name of Donna Wuerl splattered across every page.

I further strongly suspect that Wuerl and Dolan have been enemies dating back to Dolan’s tenure as the rector of the North American College in Rome. The North American College is the facility where some North American seminarians and young priests live while they are studying in Rome.  It is considered to be a “bishop farm”, and was an absolute BATHHOUSE up until Dolan arrived in ARSH 1994, and it must be admitted that by all accounts Dolan cleaned the place up considerably.  Now Wuerl has been hanging around the NAC cruising for sodomy for his entire career, and has been on the Board of Governors of the NAC since ARSH 1994, and I strongly suspect that Wuerl resented Dolan for clamping down on the sodomy going on in the NAC, not just between students, but especially between students “with ambition” and prelates who cruised for sodomy with young ambitious students and clerics, as Wuerl is notorious for.  There are all kinds of stories out of the NAC about Wuerl’s antics and fetishes.  And so, on the opposite side of the coin, I strongly suspect that Dolan, knowing that Wuerl was and is a notorious, open-secret seminarian-chaser, figured he had ample ammunition to take him and all of his Wuerlpool out.

Dolan’s miscalculation was that he assumed Antipope Bergoglio would throw Wuerl under the bus, because Dolan thought there was no way that Antipope Bergoglio would be so willing to openly embrace sodomy and the sodomitical hunting and predation of young priests and seminarians.  Dolan hasn’t grasped that the paradigm has shifted from one of cover-up to open manifestation and embracing of the faggotry, including the hunting and sexual assault of young men and lads.  Ricca, Barros, Inzoli, Coccopalmerio, Maradiaga, the list goes on and on.  How Dolan failed to grasp this is beyond me. Oh, no. Wait.  I do know why.  It’s because Dolan is an idiot.

So Dolan had the charges against McCarrick come out of the Archdiocese of New York, thinking that he could assume the throne as The Godfather of the U.S. bishops, and as a top-10 power player in Rome.

Now with today’s promotion of Wuerl, Dolan is essentially finished, and the McCarrick-Wuerlpool is stronger than ever.

I guess perhaps people who have never worked in the business world might not get it at first glance, but when Wuerl is told, “I accept your resignation, but you are going to stay on doing exactly the same job, with the same title, just a different sub-title, with a new box of business cards, and you can hand-pick your “successor”, who will then be completely at your disposal to use as a scapegoat or throw under the bus at your convenience, and you will also be able to take a luxury apartment in Rome, being that you are a Cardinal and all, and I will be assigning you special projects and you will be one of my top advisors, and if anyone gives you any lip about any of this, well, here is a GLOWING letter of recommendation,” folks, this is called A PROMOTION.

This isn’t even a Golden Parachute.  Wuerl isn’t being bribed to go away, like Goldman Sachs paying Corzine $600 million to go away.  No, Wuerl has just been made “untouchable” in the FrancisCoven, and will still be running not just Washington D.C., but is now a top-5 player in Rome.

Dolan is up to his greasy eyebrows in sodomite priest scandals in New York (as Voris and Church Militant have been exposing for years), and had a checkered past in Milwaukee and St. Louis, and don’t be surprised if the Wuerlpool and FrancisCoven throw Dolan’s fat butt under the bus “subito”.

Here is George Neumayr’s latest sickening piece on Donna Wuerl’s right-hand fag, Msgr. Walter “Wanda” Rossi. Read it and remember that Antipope Bergoglio just gave these wretches the mark of “untouchability” today.

Faggot “Donna” Wuerl, Faggot “Karen” Farrell, and Faggot “Wanda” Rossi